Hoi An does not lack nice view coffee shops

Hoi An is an ancient town that is always the favorite tourist destination of many tourists during the holidays. It has not only beautiful places, traditional lantern boutiques but also eye-catching coffee shops. If you come to Hoi An, do not forget to skip the beautiful view those coffee shops below.

1. Cocobox

Address: No. 94 Le Loi Street, 03 Chau Van Thuong, Hoi An City
This is an excellent place for you to stop after a day of roaming the old town. The space of Cocobox is a harmonious whole among rustic, modern, and airy. Here you will find spices or specialties made from local ingredients, such as Phu Quoc salt, pollen, jams, or chocolate Marou. In addition, Cocobox has a nice menu with a variety of drinks, delicious coffee, desserts that have stuck some coconut rice to make drinks more wonderful. 

2, The Chef

The Chef
Address: No. 166 Tran Phu Street, Hoi An City
In fact, The Chef is not shimmering, splendid enough for people to have to stop if they accidentally strolled while walking in the old town. However, the secret that few people know is the terrace decorated with lanterns, glittering Neu trees overlooking the panoramic Hoi An with tile roofs in the sun. Perhaps, people who have just heard about it would like to visit it immediately. In addition, The Chef also has a great menu with dishes that are highly commended on tourist forums.

3, Rosie's cafe

Rosie's cafe
Address: 8/6 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Hoi An
Rosie's cafe is a true a coffee shop in a small alley that attracts many people especially young people. Nestled in an alley, Rosie is also pretty small enough with space mixed nostalgic but still young and modern. Besides, there are many tiny openings but extremely airy filled with light and trees for you to spoil your coffee and read books. The menu is also very rich with breakfast that is decorated impressively or ceramic plates are pretty and extremely photogenic. The drinks menu is also varied with coffee, juice, and tea for you to choose.

4. The Deck House

The Deck House
Address: An Bang Beach, Hoi An City
A coffee shop that you do not miss if you love An Bang beach. However, you also want to have pretty pictures on the Pinterest or Tumblr. The Deck House is an ideal choice for you. The coffee shop is quite wide covered with subtle white, blue cool and gentle. This two-tone alternate through each piece of furniture such as tables, chairs, pillow hug, umbrellas to make the space more perfect. Moreover, it helps you feel relaxed after traveling a lot around the ancient town, too. The Deck House chose the simple design, not picky but suitable. The exuberance comes from the tropical style with coconut trees, palm leaves, water jugs, the sea, and sand that make you feel as if you are on the beach. 

5, Mot Hoi An

Mot Hoi An
Address: 150 Tran Phu, Hoi An
A nice little coffee shop that you definitely have to stop when walking on Tran Phu Street. Mot Hoi An attracted many people by the unique decoration. It is a small mummy with lemon, ginger plus a bunch of fresh blooming lotus and a bright yellow daisy flowerpot. In the past, this shop was just a small booth but now, it attracts many visitors' attention and has become a nice little place where one can take a drink or a bottle of cool lemon juice or eat a bowl of Quang noodles and Cao Lau of Ancient Town. Located right on the main street of the old town, yet the price of the shop is extremely cheap. It is only 10.000 VND for a glass of water and 30.000 VND for a portion of food.

6. The Hill Station

The Hill Station
Address: 321 Nguyen Duy Hieu Street, Hoi An City
Because of situated on a quite far distance from the old town, The Hill Station is less known, less crowded, and noisy. However, if you spend time visiting this area, it is really worth enjoying. This coffee shop is a nostalgic space with time-colored walls. Perhaps, it is a quiet place where you can sip a glass of Italian coffee that many visitors appreciate and they come to look at the streets. There are also European style dishes are served here for you to enjoy if you are not used to eating Vietnam food.

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