5 Unique Part Time Business Ideas, and How to Start Them

This is the year that you finally want to try your hand at running a business. You are not quite ready to take the leap into full time business owner. Instead, you want a job that you can do part-time for now, but has the potential to become a permanent career. You fashion yourself as a jack-of-all-trades. So instead of trying to find out how to run a business, you want to start with what business to create.

Open up a Vape Shop

Vaping continues to grow in popularity, so capitalize on this craze while it is still developing. Begin this business by reading up on all the laws, forms, rules, and requirements for running a vape shop. Next, find out your target market, and then setup an online store. Build your brand through social media marketing: Create Twitter and Facebook pages for your business. Also create accounts in vape groups and forums.

Next, find a vape wholesaler. We recommend Sauce LA because they have vape products at reasonable prices, and allow you to use a mech sauce coupon when making an order. After finishing your market research, making an online store, creating social media buzz, and ordering products, you can begin to run your vape shop.

Become a Personal Shopper

This is the perfect job for someone who prides themselves on their abilities to shop for others. First, decide what type of shopper you want to become. Are you great at picking out clothing for others? Are you a wizard at present giving? Are you the perfect farmer’s market shopper?

Figure out your shopping expertise, then start creating a profile of the type of people who can use and afford your services. Next, begin composing a list of where to find your ideal client. Once you find him, start making cold calls and emails.

Teach Golf

If you’re a champion golf player, then this is your perfect job. Find customers through country clubs and corporate events. Get acquainted with the major country clubs in your area. Develop a relationship with the manager and staff, so that you can easily ask for their help when marketing your business. Tell them about your services, give them your business card, and asked to be recommended to those seeking golf help. Before offering your service, make sure the club doesn’t already have personal instructors.

Attend business conferences and networking events: Introduce yourself to businessmen who want to learn how to golf to impress clients. Don’t be too pushy at selling your lessons, because that might get you banned from future events.

Take on an eBay Assistant Role

Learn everything you need to know about running an eBay page, marketing it, and selling things. Also learn the basics of item appraisal: You don’t want to under or over price items.

Many people have household items that they want to sell, but they don’t have the experience or time to do it. Reach out to friends, family, and neighbors who have mentioned a desire to sell some of their clutter. Simultaneously, place an ad on Craigslist and any local newspapers.

Style Hair or Do Makeup

If you already have advance makeup and hair styling skills, then a hairstylist or makeup artist are your ideal jobs. Even if you don’t yet, spend a few months practicing and watching hair and makeup tutorials. Once you reach a level of expertise, start doing hair and makeup for free.

Take pictures of the before and after products. You want to use these photos for a portfolio, which you will show to potential clients. Also post a few of your favorite finished products on social media. The more shares, likes, and comments, the better for your marketing efforts.

Target clients during major events seasons, like prom, weddings, graduations, and holidays. Base your charging price on industry standard, your years of experience, and the complexity of style.


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