Hoi An Ancient Town

Located in the downstream of the Thu Bon River, about 30 kilometers in the south of Da Nang City. Hoi An is famous for its ancient structure. When you come to Hoi An, you may have an opportunity to visit the ancient houses next to Thu Bon River that seems unchanged during the 20th century from now.

The climate in Hoi An is divided into two seasons rainy and dry. Each season has its own characteristics.

I went to Hoi An in March and this is the best time to travel in Hoi An because the weather is very warm. In general, everything is great. However, if you can not travel in March, you can also travel in February or April. However, it does not mean that other seasons should not go to Hoi An because Hoi An is always beautiful. If you visit in the rainy season, you will spend a lot of time in the hotel. The rainy season usually lasts from early August to mid-December and dry season lasts from January to the end of July every year. Besides, if you visit Hoi An in 14 lunar calendars monthly, you will have an opportunity to see the flower garlands and colored lanterns. On this day, the whole city of Hoi An will turn off electricity to protect the environment. You also listen to old songs, play folk games and enjoy the delicious food.

There is no airport in Hoi An, so you will fly from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City or others to Danang Airport. You should take a plane to save time and money. From Da Nang to Hoi An is about 30 kilometers so you can call a taxi or rent a motorbike in Da Nang and then go to Hoi An.

The hotel and homestay services are very growing. However, you have to remember to book as soon as possible. Moreover, high-class and common hotels are always available for you to choose.

Hoi An Ancient Town is located in Minh An Ward, along the Thu Bon River. When you walk through the streets, you will see the ancient architecture of the houses here. It has the style of Japan and China. And in the town, you will find that most of the shops here sell long dresses and souvenirs. You can also stop at a roadside restaurant to enjoy the coffee and watch people passing. It is really interesting.

Moreover, there are many temples in the Old Quarter such as Kim An pagoda, Vien Giac pagoda or Bao Thang pagoda. Especially, the Nhat Ban bridge leading you to the old town is also very special. If you are into taking photos, this is a great place.

you can spend the time to visit Quan Thang ancient house, Tan Ky ancient house or Phung Hung ancient house. These are the most beautiful ancient houses in Hoi An and they do not change over 150 years.

Cu Lao Cham Island is also a worthy destination. This island is one of the most popular destinations for tourists to visit Hoi An. The wild and crystal-clear blue water is a great attraction for many visitors when coming here.

Moreover, you are impressed by the beauty of the sea as An Bang which is considered as one of the 50 most beautiful beaches on the planet. Cua Dai beach is one of the most beautiful and romantic beaches in Vietnam with white sand and coconut green rows. Even, you can visit Hoi An traditional villages such as Kim Bong Carpentry Village, Thanh Ha Pottery Village, and Tra Que Vegetable Village.

Participate in exciting water sports are extremely interesting. There are many sports such as canoes, rubber boats, kayaks, parasailing, windsurfing, snorkeling, fishing or kite-flying at Cua Dai Beach and Cu Lao Cham Island. You are able to experience some interesting activities such as walking in the Ancient Town at night, dropping flower lights, drinking coffee in Hoi An or buying a lantern as a souvenir.

Hoi An food also has its particular specialties. Cao Lau is a dish associated with Hoi An ancient town. And you only eat Cao Lau here, you will feel the good taste of Cao Lau's typical. Chicken rice is also a dish of Hoi An. With its unique flavor, Hoi An chicken rice is made from delicious rice that is carefully selected by chefs. Moreover, when walking along the streets, you will find trolleys selling delicious doughnuts. Each cake cost about $0.2. Sweet corn with coconut gruel is also worth trying. In the afternoon and evening, walking through the streets, you will see street vendors selling delicious sweet corn with coconut gruel.

Hoi An Ancient Town is definitely the place to enjoy breathtaking landscapes.

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