One Day in Yangon and Things to Do (Part 2)

In the previous article of One day in Yangon and Things to Do part 1, we have finished half of the day discovering this city with many interesting attractions and activities. Now, we will continue on our Myanmar Private Holidays to explore Yangon by night and see what's special about this amazing city.

In the Evening

If you want to know more about the history and culture of Yangon, let’s take a look at some highlight monuments of this city. 

Downtown Yangon is where most of the colonial buildings locate which are still well – preserved and being in used such as the High Court building at Pansodan street, Yangon City Hall on Mahabandoola street and Strand Hotel.

Sule Pagoda is also a not –to –be- missed spot in Yangon. Lies in the busiest crossroad in the heart of the city, this pagoda is considered as one of the holiest sites in Yangon and Myanmar in general. 

From Sule pagoda, tourists can see the Mahabadoola Park in the opposite side. It was name after general Mahabandoola who played an important role in the first Anglo – Burmese war in 1824-1826. After Burma gained the independence in 1948, an independent monument was placed in the park replacing the statue of Queen Victoria.  This park is also a favorite place of many locals and foreigners.  

Continue to walk to the east, tourists will spot the Botaung Pagoda which is close to the Yangon river. The building is said to construct at the same time with Shwedagon pagoda and used to preserve the hair relic of the Buddha. You can also visit the Botahtaung harbor where many local to come to hang out and enjoy delicious barbeque, watching the ships go by. If you want to explore the city and its monument in a completely different way, join onboard of Burma river cruises.

If you still feel like to go more, Kyauk Taw Gyi pagoda is an interesting place to visit where locates a gigantic Buddha image made out of a single enormous marble stone. You can also have a chance to see the rare white elephants kept in the park nearby.  

Night out

Yangon becomes livelier than ever when the night falls. The city offers all kinds of entertainments for all groups such as beer stations, bars and traditional performances. You can find a great number of café and bars along Strand and Merchant road. Meanwhile, Yangon Chinatown is where you can find fresh cool cheap Burmese draught beer with a wide variety of food selections at a reasonable price. This is also a favorite place of both locals and foreigners in Yangon at night to hang out and enjoy some of the best BBQ in town.   

Myanmar offers so many things to see and do, not just temples and pagodas. The country also owns more than 2,000 km coastline along the Gulf of Bengal and Andaman Sea which some beaches are listed in the most beautiful stretches in Asia. Check out for more details and tailor made holidays to these paradise on earth.

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