What's hot in China's happiest city?

Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, is gradually attracting more visitors thanks to its comfortable environment, relaxed atmosphere, spicy food, panda, and was named as the happiest city in the country.

Situated on the east side of the Wuhu Memorial, Cam Ly Walking Street is a popular destination for experiencing local culture, cuisine and traditional architecture. The best time to visit is by nightfall, when the neighborhood shines through the lanterns hanging from the front door. Guests can stop at tea houses, bars or specialty shops and snacks along narrow streets.

The famous Longchaoshou Restaurant nearby serves a variety of Sichuan dishes, such as chutney, or fei chang fen (fried squash) - spicy noodles with beef heart. Kuanzhai Xiangzi is also a place to help visitors learn about local culture, crowded street cafes, craft shops and restaurants.

Chengdu's hot pot dishes received international attention in 2010, when Chengdu was included in the list of the most delicious cities of UNESCO. Hot pot is very spicy, but can be divided into 2 or 4 compartments of different levels of spicy taste.

The highlight can not be ignored in Chengdu is watching the panda. Visitors can observe them and other rare animals at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research and Breeding Center. Located in the northeastern suburb of the city, this place simulates the panda's natural habitat by creating rivers, bamboo forests, caves and artificial rocks.

Tea shops are a popular destination in Chengdu for meetings, snacks and entertainment, notably Heming Tea House on the lake shore at People's Park. Guests can enjoy a cup of jasmine tea while chatting with friends, playing mahjong or relaxing after a long day.

Built in 1911, the People's Park was the first public park in Chengdu, dedicated to choirs, dance organizations or Tai chi. The picture is a dance for couples.

Bars, nightclubs and restaurants can be found along the banks of the scenic river in Lan Kwai Fong. Lan Kwai Fong is a popular destination for young people to enjoy the nightlife of Chengdu.

Daily traffic in Chengdu is quite bustling and flooded with electric vehicles. The Tianfu Square is one of the busiest areas in the city's business and business district. The New Century Global Center It is the largest flooring building in the world with numerous amenities such as ice skating rink, IMAX theater, shopping mall, water park and InterContinental.

Built from the Tang dynasty, the Wenshu monastery is the best preserved Buddhist temple in Chengdu. The monastery is still active and training monks. Besides, there are many historical and cultural relics that have been preserved throughout the centuries to worship the bodhisattva Manjutsu, the bodhisattva symbol of wisdom. There is a golden Buddha statue at the entrance.

A girl resting by a lake in a park near the Wuhou Memorial Temple. Chengdu has many teahouses, parks and activities, creating a fun and comfortable atmosphere for both tourists and locals.

Chengdu (red mark on the map) is the capital of Sichuan Province, located in southwestern China. Chengdu ranks in the top 10 happiest cities of China 2016, organized by Oriental Outlook magazine. 11 million people participated in this survey, voted on 50 criteria, divided into 16 categories such as income, environment, education, transportation ... This poll was conducted annually since 2007. Chengdu and Hangzhou often occupies the two best positions.

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