Discover The Beauty of Vietnamese Culture in Viet Phu Thanh Chuong

As you walk through the gate, you will see a typical image of the countryside of North Vietnam with blue aquarium, clear water well, and stone table for tourists to rest.

Viet Phu Thanh Chuong is one of the favorite tourist destinations to learn culture should not be ignored when coming to Hanoi. Viet Phu is located in the Keo Ca Lake, Hien Ninh commune, Soc Son district, Hanoi, away from the center of the city. It’s about 35 minutes by car, 15 minutes from Noi Bai Airport. As an architectural ensemble that preserves many historical values, Viet Phu Thanh Chuong has been introduced by many international newspapers such as The New York Times, The Herald Tribune. Few people once mistakenly think this is a long-standing historical monument, but this is a place that was built by artist Thanh Chuong in 2011.

The entrance gate reminds visitors of the ancient beauty of the gate of Tho Ha village, Duong Lam village. The wooden gate has 3 doors, one main door and two side doors, there is a small tiled red tile around decorated with many stone statues and exquisite carvings. The ancient well was transformed by the painter from Thanh Hoa, located just to the left of the gate. The path leading from the entrance gate to the whole of the complex is also bold with the old Bat Trang brick. When you come here, the first feeling to you is probably a nostalgia in the quiet space.

Unlike the noisy, bustling tourist areas, even the crowds of visitors, it still remain quiet and isolated with trees, ponds, gardens, yard ... Highlights in the architectural population here is beautiful house. The houses are designed, built with many styles and shapes, from the stilt house of the Muong ethnic group to the house of three-room architecture simulated by the people of the Northern Delta.

Each house has a unique name attached to the historical value that the owner wants to convey, such as the Tuong Van home is ancient from the Nguyen Dynasty, the University was erected on the premises of ancient houses. Bac Ninh. And if you want to enjoy the art, you can go to Long Dinh Theater, home area is large and ornate.

Come here, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the overall beauty of the countryside of Vietnam from hundreds of years ago. The ancient architecture with a bit of modern architecture and thousands of cultural and historical relics from the tide. Dai Dinh, Ly, Tran, Le ... have made the country become a cultural tourist attractions near the city.

Another architecture located in this ancient house is equally impressive as the stilt house based on the stilt-house architecture of the Muong ethnic group in Hoa Binh. This brick house on stilts, with upstairs and downstairs for reception. In front of the stilt house is a small lotus pond with an ancient stone bridge surrounded by lush green trees.

In order to have a chance to rest and relax in Vietnam every Tet holiday, and to focus on exploiting more ancient cultures, Mr. Thanh Chuong also set up an ancient house with two wooden chimes , with an area of about 120 m2. This is also the traditional style of house in Vietnam.

In addition to the 3 featured ancient house here, there are many other beautiful architecture, such as the outdoor Buddhist temple. The place is decorated with statues of the Buddha in the center, surrounded by stone incense sticks, two stone steps lead to the Buddha's feet are placed a lot of scenery, adding the more the beauty of the worshipping place.

A white, five-storey structure with subtle architecture: hidden under the arched roofs of the old temple. The building has a very romantic name Tuong Van, meaning good cloud. That is the rustic Thuy Dinh house with wooden door with the color of time. The talent of the artist Thanh Chuong is also expressed in a large hall with dozens of antique furniture in the Viet Phu. In front of the hall is the Lo Mac Huong House, which is very rustic, simple with luxuriant trees planted around.

The beauty of the countryside of the Vietnam and the hospitality, the masterly talented ability to arrange artworks of the owner has left a deep impression in the hearts of visitors whenever coming here. Since the Viet Phu Thanh Chuong completed the first works, every year this place has welcomed many domestic and foreign tourists to visit.

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