Burmese Beauty and Travel Experience to Myanmar

If you are fascinated with lavish architecture, fairytale scenery of Europe, you will certainly also love Myanmar. Temporarily forget the familiar destinations in Thailand, Singapore to try to slow down and ignore the hustle and bustle when you buy a ticket to Myanmar. This country is such a land of mystery that anyone should take the time to visit and contemplate.

Remember that Myanmar is a Buddhist country, so you should pay close attention to your costumes and gestures. Do not touch, finger pointing to Buddha statues and absolute silence when going to temples.

Myanmar captivates you from the very first step by the mysterious Burmese temples in the early sunshine, the balloons flickering on the surface of a flourishing day that has passed and the good, kind heart of people.

Pagoda temples in Bagan is countless. Temples are everywhere ... Stand at the high temples overlooking the surroundings, temples seem to encapsulate almost all. More than 4,000 such towers spread all over Bagan beautiful beautiful visitors so fascinated, passionate to stay there that bike ride around without being tired. They come here from all over the world and they love Bagan so passionately, ecstatically like a lover. There is nothing more relaxing than relaxing on the quiet streets of Bagan in the late afternoon sun and climbing to the top of the temple to watch the sunset slowly lowered on the horizon.

Inwa is a small fishing village on the banks of the Ayeyarwady River. This ancient village is a popular destination with many valuable heritages, such as the 27m high Nanmyin inclined tower and Bagaya Kyaung Monastery, which is protected by 267 giant teak pillars ... In addition, local people still retain the traditional lifestyle from hundred years ago, which is also a unique attractions to visitors.

Mingun also has many monuments and scenic spots but most prominent is Mingun bell and Chinthe statue, which is considered by the people as treasures. Chinthe (mascot half-lion and half-dragon) is a giant statue standing guard over the river. The Mingun Stupa gives the other person a sense of overwhelm, an orange-yellow brick on a dramatic skyline.

Ubein bridge in the ancient village of Amarapura is the longest teak bridge in the world (1.2km). The 200-year-old wooden bridge across the river is home to the villagers of Amarapura Village, the pilgrimage path of monks wearing long robes. The sunset on the U Bein Bridge is brilliant and impressive. So that any visitors who have been admired will remember forever.

Myanmar tourism has not developed yet, but it doesn’t make visitors bored. On the contrary, despite the fact that their facilities are not as advanced as other countries, they have not learned about the high technology of welcome tourists. They welcome guests with their heart, the sincere smile, the help like helping a loved one.

A tour can take you through many of Burma's exotic destinations such as Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan, Goteik viaduct ... One of the simplest journey is to travel by bus from Yangon to Inle Lake. You will stay here for 3 days. Then, spend another three days to visit Bagan. For the remaining 3 days, he explored Mandalay. The total cost for the trip is nearly 700 USD, excluding shopping costs.

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