Best Place to Eat Chinese Food in Hanoi

A typical Chinese meal will cost around VND 300-400,000 (USD 12 – 16)/ person. In Hanoi, it is very difficult to find a Chinese restaurant at a lower price.

However, there is an extremely cheap place, with only VND 100 - 150,000 (USD 4 – 6) per person that you can eat well. It is the Sui Cao De Nhat restaurant at 102 G22 Huynh Thuc Khang. Please visit this eatery to see what is interesting here!

It is located in the "dining area" on Huynh Thuc Khang Street which is always busy. Although it is just a popular "pavement" restaurant, but here it is always crowded and busy. Visitors include both Vietnamese and foreigners.

Its space is extremely simple, only plastic chairs outside, regardless of spring, summer, autumn, winter. However, perhaps that also contributes to the simplicity of this eatery, so people have to tell each other and invite each other to eat.

Number of dishes in this shop is extremely rich. The dishes that are considered delicious and most prominent here are the kinds of dumpling, spicy beef, sweet potato...

All dishes feature bold Chinese flavor. Just eat a few times, you will immediately recognize the common characteristics of the dishes. It has a very "Northeast" flavor that can not be mixed up, it is difficult to describe but when eaten, it will feel right. Still, the food is relatively easy to eat with most people.

Dumplings, though thick, are fresh and hot. If you come to the kitchen, you can see how people make dough and then make the dumplings, then boil in the water. A note for those who can not eat onions or chives, order the vegetarian dumpling with vegetables, do not lose opportunity to enjoy this delicious dish!

After dumplings, the most popular dish is spicy beef. The fan of spicy taste will love this dish. Thin slices of beef are marinated and fried crispy, not too spicy but feel very interesting in the tongue, not so hot when you put a lot of chilly. 

A very interesting dish that you should enjoy when coming here is the sugared sweet potato. Potatoes are cooked and covered with a layer of melted sugar. The golden honey glaze covered with each piece of potato. When picking the sweet potato, the sugar will freeze creating the crispy "silk" fiber.
In addition to the above items, you can also eat other dishes such as fried noodles, Sichuan tofu, aromatic pig leg, stir-fried squid head, fried noodles Northeast, ...

The restaurants has opened for decades. The main chef and chef here is Chinese, from Heilongjiang Province. As one of the main chefs, it is rare for a customer to meet the owner. The impressive thing is only cheap and delicious dishes. 

The main highlight of the restaurant is the price. You can eat full with only 100-150,000 VND / person.

The right serving for two people is often a dish of dumpling (30,000 VND), 1 dish of spicy beef (75,000 VND), 1 dish of sweet potato (60,000 VND). If you want to eat more, you can order noodle or rice.  

The restaurant opens from 11 - 14h and from 16 - 23h, usually crowded in the evening. A small note for you when coming to eat in this restaurant – “waiting is happy”.

Because the restaurant is so crowded, sometimes the dishes will take time to bring to you. So guests just come to order, then chat together to wait the food. If you want to eat in the most comfortable way, you should avoid "peak hours" because it is possible that no seat available in busy time.

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