Top 5 Most Delicious Foods in Hai Phong

It will not be too exaggerative to say that, to go back to Hai Phong city is to get lost in the world of cuisine. Once coming here, you will be surprised with countless delicious and strange delicacies.

If not a local person in Hai Phong, who is familiar with these attractive dishes, it is advisable for you to make a culinary trip here, as every experience will make you never forget and regret when coming to the city.

1. Crab rolls 

Still a recipe for spring rolls of the North, but the crab spring rolls are mainly seafood (such as shrimp, crab ...), in addition to the bean sprout and vermicelli. It is rolled into a square block, looks eye-catching. Spring rolls are also thicker, often with several layers so that the spring rolls can not be tore when frying.

Because Hai Phong is very close to the sea, the seafood used to make spring rolls is usually fresh seafood. The roll has bold flavor of fresh shrimp, crab, surface ....

2. Stir-fried clam (giá bể)

Stir-fried clam sounds "strange" but it can make people curious and love once eating for the first time.

Actually, the dish is not something luxurious, but if you have chance to go to Hai Phong, then you should try to eat. This dish is quite popular and is often sold at food outlets in markets.

Stir-fried clam is quite similar to small oyster or clam. The meat inside the shell looks similar to bean sprout and that’s the origin of its name in Vietnamese (giá bể - sea bean sprout) . It is crunchy, soaked with the sauce and aroma of basil leaves added , which will be an unforgettable experience.

3. Banh beo

Banh beo means "water fern cake" – a kind of steamed pancake in Vietnam, most famous in Hue. Unlike the banh beo in Central Vietnam, Hai Phong banh beo cakes are made from lean minced meat, fried with mushroom, bean, minced onion ..., put into powder and steamed in banana leaves.

It is served with sauce made of bones, fish sauce and spices. In particular, you can also order more rolls for better taste. 

4. Jelly

For the Hai Phong, randia jelly is a special dish associated with childhood memories of many people. Soft and greens, eaten with sweet sugary juice – you will feel lightly sweet at the tip of the tongue.

If you eat a lot of protein, you will need a glass of randia jelly to drink. When eating, if you want to add toppings, feel free to ask the owner!

5. Cow’s skin

Go to the Cat Bi market and ask anyone about what to eat – surely they will advise you to eat cow’s skin.

Cow’s skin is both familiar and strange. The process is very simple, beef and its skin are sliced thin, mixed with lemongrass and roasted rice flour, then roll with spring rolls and vegetables and shrimp paste or sauce, depending on each person's taste.

In addition, the market also sell a lot of other snacks such as pancakes, rolls ...

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