Explore Co To Island - A Wonderful Relaxing Paradise

Being an archipelago of 50 islands located east of Quang Ninh Province, Co To includes 3 largest islands, namely Large Co To, Small Co To, Thanh Lan and other small islands. Co To has always fascinated its visitors by the pristine beaches with soft white sand, pure blue water and cool quiet air.

Get there, visitors are definitely impressed by the lighthouse built in the late nineteenth century and currently run by solar batteries. To reach this amazing lighthouse, you are required to go through a beautiful natural forest. Both sides of the forest are blooming flowers, flying butterflies and singing birds that promise to put a “crush” on you right away. You will feel like you wandered around a beautiful fairy land that you did read in fairy tales. Climbing the 72 steps of the lighthouse, you will be relaxed by the gentle teasing of wind and, later on,  hold a panoramic view of the exhilarating sea and forest of Co To.

Co To was naturally favored a series of charming beaches, namely Tau Dam, Hong Van, Van Chai, Bac Van, Vom Si, Vung Ong Vien and a beach between Large Co To Island and small Co To Island. While Bac Van beach is famous for starfishes, Cau Me beach draws its visitors with foaming waves and amazing cliffs. The most beautiful beach, however, must be Hong Van with soft white sand and pristine blue sea stretching for miles. Furthermore, the beach is compared with a giant natural mirror because it has almost no waves.

The “back-packers” certainly prefers camping on the “alluring” road from the district center to the beach to renting a house. It is for the main reasons that you can walk along the sea, go swimming, enjoy the fresh and grilled seafood on the shore. An ideal place to greet the sunset is the sea view station. Notably, the trail leading to this charming station is naturally decorated with vivid flowers that enable visitors to take pretty selfie pictures.

Additionally, you might hire a boat to explore the charming beauty Co To and Thanh Lan Islands, discover the primeval forests and beautiful beaches, visit the jellyfish- processing shops or even go fishing with the fishermen …

Let’s explore alluring beauties of Co To!

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