Discover Beautiful Stunning Hang Cau – Ly Son Island

The stunning Hang Cau Beach is one of the « worthy-visiting » tourist attraction in Ly Lon Island, Quang Ngai. Surrounded by the charming beach and spectacular mountain, Hang Cau Beach definitely drive you crazy right you set foot in it.

The fascinating Hang Cau Beach is the mother nature’s gift of geological change and volcanic eruptions after millions of years.

The wave erosion year by year sculptured many « masterpiece » rock arts for the mountain.

This season, there are small bushes growing on the rock to catch droplets dripping from the rock. And, next month, Hang Cau will turn into a dynamic destination thanks to the regular visits of visitors.

Hang Cau Beach has fascinated its tourists with the green seaweed attached to the rock and the immense blue sky reflected by the giant natural mirror the of pristine blue sea water. It’s such a great masterpiece of the mother nature.

During a visit to Hang Cau, Prof. Dr Ibrahim Comoo, vice president of the Global Geoscience Network Association of Unesco said: "Nature did strongly favor this beach. Coming here, you certainly learn the whole origin and process of volcanic eruptions formed the earth. There are not many landscapes in the world which were naturally biased these outstanding characteristics.  The surface of the cave is rough as if an amateur carpenter did sculpture this cave. In contrast, it is the convincing evidence of the real nature that fascinate visitors to this cave. 

There is a trail following the giant cliff that enables visitors to go to Hang Pagoda from the beach on foot. Walking along this trail, you definitely see the volcanic rock, moss, and seagulls flying soaring into the sky and suddenly swooping down as a landing plane at the airport.

Ly Son Island has drawn more tourists in recent years. They all take a visit to famous attractions namely Hang Cau Beach and Hang pagoda. Get there, they have a chance to take « eyes-catching » pictures and immerse themselves in the cool water. However, not many of them follow this trail to hold a panoramic view of both exhilarating cave and charming beach.

And, of course, if you want to fully explore this way, you must get there at 5 p.m at low tide. Then, you can see a vast rock beach of many bizarre shapes. It is also the only time of the day to go along the coast and enjoy the exhilarating volcano.

Discovering Hang Cau beach means that you get a free ticket to go back to the geological history of million years ago. Give Ly Son a try and set foot on that trail. You will be « overwhelmed » by the immense nature.

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