Best Places in Central Vietnam Worth Visiting

Yen Island, Phu Yen

Taking a view from Nhon Hoi village, you will definitely see two small islands lying next to each other with approximately 100-meter distance to the shore. The big island, which is in the shape of a giant cone with huge precipitous cliffs, is Yen Island. The other is Sun Island.

Located in An Hoa commune, Tuy An district, Yen Island is about 20 kilometers from the North East of Tuy Hoa city centre. The foot of the mountain has traces of deep waves while the peak touches cloud sculptured by the nature millions of years ago.

Hon Yen is surrounded by a beautiful marine landscape. In addition to Sun Island, this landscape, which can be divided into three parts, centers with mountains reaching the furthest part of Yen island. This might be the reason why it is named “Ganh Yen”. Especially, it will appear an amazing walking road connecting Sun and Yen Island when the tides go out on the first days of the month. Therefore, you definitely walk along the sea and enjoy colorful coral reefs.

Ganh Ba – Bai Xep, Phu Yen

Only 16 kilometers from Tuy Hoa city, Ganh Ba – Bai Xep landscape is almost isolated.  You must immediately have “crush” on the majestic scenery and the perfect combination of sea and mountain. Moreover, you have a chance to enjoy the lively dance of the sea and thousands of white waves on windy days. It must give you an unforgettable impression. Bear in mind, yet, be careful with spines of the cactus. 

Hon Noi (Noi Island), Khanh Hoa

Situated in Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, it might take you half an hour to get to Hon Noi, an amazing salangane nest island from Cau Da Port by boat. The distinct feature of Hon Noi is that it is the “one-of-all-kind” double beach in Vietnam. Visiting this beach, you have a chance to indulge yourself into the smooth white sand and pristine blue water. More importantly, this fascinating double beach is divided into the cool and hot water due to the water flows. I’m sure that you will get unforgettable experiences when you set foot on this attractive beach.

To get to Yen Island, you need to buy boat ticket go to Cau Da port, Nha Trang. It is for the reason that this beautiful island is under the management of Khanh Hoa Salanganes'Nest tourism company. It just allows visitors to walking around the island during the day. The ticket I priced at 17$/ person including salangane nest juice, breakfast, snack, cakes, lunch and fruits in the afternoon.

Mui Doi Island, Khanh Hoa

Located on Hon Gom peninsula, Van Ninh commune, 80 km from Nha Trang, Mui Doi- Hon Dau Island is also called the Easternmost Island. It is considered one of the most stunning destinations to pack backers who love adventurous traveling. From Dam Mon fishing village of Nha Trang city, you can travel by motorbikes or ship to get this amazing island.

The journey to Mui Doi Island is hard but worthy. To complete this journey, you must face considerable challenges, including the long rail, steep slopes, dazzling sand dunes and rapids along the sea. The journey is definitely not easy at all but the charming scenery awaiting you deserves your effort and courage. Get there, you can set up tents, stroll along the beach, play on the white sand beach or even indulge yourself into the pristine blue water to see colorful coral reefs that you often watch on discovery programs. In the evening, it’s ideal to set fire to grill seafood, sing and dance together.

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