Discover the Uniqueness of the Ordination Ceremony in Myanmar

Like other nations in Southeast Asia. Myanmar is also a country with a strong cultural identity. The beauty of culture, activities and beliefs, customs here, is a tourist attraction to tourists coming from all corners of the world to Myanmar. One of the customs that many visitors are interested in is the ordination of the Burmese. The ceremony is called Shin Pyu or Ordination Ceremony is the most important ceremony in the lives of people here. For the people here, to become a good Buddhist, for one time, they must become a monk living the temples or monasteries. 

Children who just experienced ordination ceremony

For a Buddhist family, in addition to offerings, giving alms to monks, their children have to experience ordination ceremony, which is the noble ceremony that every Buddhist family in Myanmar want to perform, people believe that the children's ordination will create good karma for the family. The people here said that when children are able to chant Pali and the language spoken in Cambodia, they can get ordinated. Usually, they will experience ordination ceremony before the age of 19. The time of ordination is not fixed, it depends on the person, the time of ordination can be a few days, a few weeks, even a few years. In a human life, you can get ordination many times. The children here can go home, if not suitable, can return to the daily routine. Previously, in the month of March and April, Myanmar's streets were crowded with ordination festivities, when the people were free. However, today, the festival takes place all year round. At each monastery, there is a month of ordination.

On the festive days, early in the morning at around 5 am, with the gong sounds and loud noises, the people here get up early to prepare for their children to attend the ordination. Children of all ages, both male and female (around the age of 5-15) are dressed in beautiful clothes, traditional Burmese clothes, beautifully decorated, like princess and princes and are taken to the temple for the ceremony. At the ceremony, the organizers announced the ordination ceremony and open songs calling for people to donate money to buy bowls and buy medicine for the children getting ordination. After the ritual, the children will be picked up on horseback, horses were also decorated in shades and carry the children around the village. These ceremonies are similar to the ancient ritual of the Buddha.

While picking up children in the village, the songs are open, calling for donations. Families with children getting ordination feel pride in front of neighbors. While the horses carry the children, the back of the delegation are the beautiful Myanmar girls with their hands holding children's supplies or beautiful basket. Their relatives also line up and followed the girls to the temple.

Burmese ordination ceremony in particular and many unique customs and practices of Myanmar are attracting tourists to this beautiful country. If you join the Myanmar tour do not miss this unique ceremony.

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