A Visit That You Will Treasure All Your Life

Do you think that Delhi is a place where you can carry out leisure walks? Of course, it is. Delhi has many spots which are perfect for walks. And otherwise too, you can enjoy walks in the streets of Delhi as well.

You can enjoy delightful New Delhi walking tours as per your convenience and budget. There are many places in Delhi which will win your heart. A single walk in diverse spots of Delhi can acquaint you with the rich history and splendid greatness of India.

A Walk to Cherish

Whether you are a religious person, traveling lover or gourmet, you can cherish your desirable walk in the heart of India. Delhi has everything for you if you have an idea about its richness.

The Plethora of Lodi Garden

-        Lodi Garden is an adored picnic spot and a delightful place for all those people who love to walk. This beautiful garden is situated near Khan Market. The garden is brimming with greenery and soothing sights. Lodi garden caters you natural sights and freshness.

-   If you are tired of concrete roads, jam-packed streets then a walk of this garden can fetch you tranquillity and a lot of enjoyment. You can find yourself in the lap of nature once you are in the realm of Lodi gardens. Just steal some time for yourself and pay a visit to this serene place. Moreover, here you can also relish creative architecture. So, a single walk can fetch you tranquillity, delight, a quick peep into historic values through architecture and much more.

A Walk through Mehrauli Archaeological Park

-    This place is a lovely area full of various historical monuments from variant eras. The baoli is undoubtedly the hugest fascination. There are also other amazing spots such as Jamali Kamali mosque, gandhak ki baoli and so on. You can experience this 16th-century magnificent step-well along with an epic flight of steps. You can also enjoy the phenomenal tombs of Quli Khan and Balban. It won’t be wrong to say that this archaeological park is a precious trove for all the history buffs.

-          It is not just going to acquaint you with the prodigious historic sights but also fill your mind and soul with freshness of nature. The beauty of the area is mesmerising. So, you can definitely make a plan with your friends, family members or colleagues to visit Mehrauli Archaeological Park.

Do you have a soft Corner for Religious Spots?

-     You can experience the richness of faith, belief and blessings amidst the crowded streets and noisy markets of capital. You can walk through Hindu and Jain temples, Sufi shrines, and Gurdwaras and Medieval mosques.

-        Every religious spot of Delhi has its own prestige. People from different corners of world visit these shrines to seek blessings. You can visit adored Hazrat Nizammudin Dargah, splendid Lotus Temple, Chhattarpur Temple, Kalkaji Mandir, Gurdwara Bangla Sahib and many other places.

Thus, whatever your taste maybe, you can experience excellent and thrilling spots with a New Delhi city tour. With a tour, you get expert guides who will acquaint you with the specialities of the place you are visiting. 

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