A Few Culinary Suggestions for an Afternoon Wandering in Da Lat

While exploring the "land of a thousand flowers" in the cool evening, remember to stop by and enjoy the streetfoods which always rejoice tourists everywhere.

Many dishes, though not originating from Dalat but are adjusted to suit the taste of a cool land. You can select for yourself a few restaurants to enjoy when visiting this area.

Baked Rice Paper

Baked rice paper is quite popular and favourited by many tourists when visiting Dalat.

In the chilly afternoon, sitting at a red flaming coal stove, looking at the lady owner bakingthe cake, adding a little oil, shrimp sauce, cheese, green and red peppers, extremely aromatic and eye-catching. The owner quickly addsan egg on the cakesurface, uses chopsticks to stir and then bakesuntil it becomes yellow-ripened. The cake then served with little fragrant fried onion, dried meat and chutney.

Baked rice paper is sold between 3pm tillevening in the Dalat market food court, Thong Thien Hoc street, Nguyen Van Troi, Hoang Dieu - Tran Nhat Duat, prices from VND 8.000-10.000 each (0.5$)

Can Cake

This dish was introduced to Dalat from other regions. Not too picky in procedure, also molded by rice flour, but the cake becomes very special and leaves a nice impression with diners with the fillings adjusted with many diverse tastes.

The most special making delicious taste of this dish is the sauce. The sauce in Da Lat is very well prepared in the style of local people, including fish sauce mixed with onion and a little bit of chili or satay.

The restaurants are not picky, just a couple of chairs and a hot coal stove. When guests come, the owner starts bake the cake on the stove, the fillings are often shrimp, pork, onion, bean sprout ... The cake is served when it is still hot, tender but a bit crunchy. Just dipthe cake in sweet-and-sour sauce, feel the fragrant and greasy taste of the onion, peppery-hot taste of the chilly in the cool air.

You can enjoy a cake on Tang Bat Ho or Phan Dinh Phung Street at VND 20,000 a large disk.

Baked Rolls

In cool weather, othing interesting than eating baked rolls dipped in hot sesame sauce and fried rice paper. 

To make tasty baked rolls, meat should be chosen from fresh pigs, pureed with garlic, sugar, seasoning salt and especially high quality sauce, roll it around bamboo sticks for baking. Baked rolls are served with assorted vegetables, pickles and special sauces.

You can enjoy this popular dish in Mrs. Hung restaurant on Phan Dinh Phung street. There're also a number of very good eateries on Bui Thi Xuan, Tran Quy Cap or Chi Lang, with the price of VND 30,000 (1.5$)

Wet Cake with Chicken Bowels

The dish you can not ignore is wet cake with chicken bowels, which is exotic that many tourists come here all want to enjoy.

People do not eat the wet cake with traditional spring rolls as other places but in Dalat it’s served with chicken meat, bowels and special sauce. You will feel the wet and soft of the cake as well as sweetness of the chicken.

You can enjoy this dish on Tang Bat Ho Street, near Dalat market. The restaurant is always crowded with diner, from 14h - 18h, it costs about VND 20,000 per bowl. You can also eat the dish at the restaurants in the Truong Cong Dinh alley,Thog Thien Hoc and Bui Thi Xuan street.

Bread with Meatballs

True to its name, minced pork bread is a simple little bowlwith clear broth, a little oily film and a few eye-catching green onions.

When eating bread and minced pork, people often add a little satay for the pork more spicy, reddish and more attractive. Sometimes, a little bean sprout, coriander or fried crunchycrackling can besoaked into the hot sauce and then it will be very fragrant.

Breaking a small piece of bread, dipped into the broth, wait until it brews with broth and then slowly enjoy its taste in the mouth. Your first feeling would be a gentle, aromatic fatty taste of the meat, which is well marinated thoroughly without cloyingness. No need to eat fastly, but you should enjoy it when it’s still hot to feel the taste of the dishes in style. Mild aroma of onions and crisp crackling makes the Dalat’s morning air more wholesome in your eyes.

Getting to Dalat, it’s not difficult to find places to enjoy this dish. In addition to some stalls at the market gate or school, you can go to the Anh Sang village or T-junction of Tran Nhat Duat - Hoang Dieu Street to enjoy the taste of the dishes in style at the price of VND 15,000 (1$)

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