Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam

If beautiful beaches in Vietnam are what you are looking for then you can be sure this country delivers. From luxurious accommodations to off-beaten destinations, we got it covered in this list of top beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

10.Da Nang

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam

Aside from being a very important military base town and a central fighting area during the Vietnam War, Da Nang has also been known as a beautiful beach area among the locals. Da Nang, made perfect with white sands, pine trees, coconut palms and waves for surfing, is also home to one of the luxurious resorts in Vietnam offering all-inclusive experiences.

9.Phu Quoc

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam

Those looking for off beaten paths in Vietnam can find heaven in this island that offers white sands, dirt roads, quiet shores and lots of undiscovered beaches. More adventurous tourists can also rent a motorcycle and head out for Bai Sao on the other side of the island.

8.Ho Coc

This is the best place to experience Vietnam beach like a local. The golden sand and crystal clear waters are the main reasons why the place is so tempting and it doesn’t get too busy, even on weekdays, so you can have most of the beach all to yourself.

7.Hon Tam

Hon Tam Beach first started its development in 2007. Even with the luxurious amenities being aimed for, the place is still among the best destinations to be one with nature, offering not just the sea but also mountains and forests full of trees. You certainly won’t run out of things to do in this green island.

6.Long Hai

If a local seaside retreat is what you are after, head on to Long Hai. Its white sand beaches are totally peaceful during the weeks but try to avoid it during the weekends when it becomes jam-packed with tourists.

5.Lang Co

Aside from the 15 kilometer stretch of white beach, there isn’t so much to see in Lang Co. However, you can experience living like a local here by visiting the market in the middle of the village or exploring the springs and national park in the nearby areas.

4.Mui Ne

Mui Ne may not be as bustling as Nha Trang but the former certainly offers a little bit of everything that the latter has! Tourists will be delighted in the fact that Mui Ne is the Vietnam’s go-to place for water sports so you can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, kite boarding, wind surfing and other exciting water activities.

3.Con Dao

This group of around 15 islands and islets has much to offer: beautiful beaches, stunning reefs and corals, luscious forests and much more. Eighty percent of the area is also a part of the Con Dao National Park and you might just get to enjoy observing sea turtles and dugongs in their natural habitat.

2.Cua Dai

Cua Dai is still undergoing a lot of developments and may not be the best destination for foreign tourists, however. if you try to follow through the paddy fields and riverbank, you just might find undisturbed areas within the 5kilometer stretch.

1.Nha Trang

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam

Featuring a six-kilometer stretch of sand that joins the sea to the city, Nha Trang is considered as a premier beach destination full of accommodations, restaurants. and nightlife. Ideal place to of travel in holiday in Vietnam.

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