7 most unique spring festivals in Vietnam

The unique cultural identity is a reason making Vietnam become one of the most attractive destinations in the world. From North to South, festivals – an inevitable part of a rich culture are usually organized as a way to keep and foster traditional values of the country. Let’s have a look at 7 spring festivals in Vietnam below to have an insight into the culture of this nation.

1. Huong Pagoda Festival (Hanoi City)

Beginning on 6th January and ending in March (lunar calendar), Huong Pagoda Festival in Hanoi is the longest festival with the number of participants up to over 1.5 people in some years.
7 most unique spring festivals in Vietnam
The pilgrimage journey on Yen River in Huong Pagoda Festival
Not only being a large-scale pilgrimage, this festival but also is really a highlight of Hanoi tourism with a lot of unique cultural activities. Taking part in Huong Pagoda Festival, visitors will immerse in the space of the poetic Yen Stream, the majestic Huong Tich Caves….

2. Tran Temple Festival (Nam Dinh Province)

Taking place in Tran Temple (Nam Dinh Province), it is one of the biggest spring festivals in Vietnam. Normally, it is held from 11th to 16th January (lunar calendar) to celebrate Tran Dynasty – the famous dynasty in Vietnam history with glorious victories in resistance against invaders.
7 most unique spring festivals in Vietnam
Thousands of people are waiting the seal opening ceremony in Tran Temple Festival
The seal opening ceremony – the soul of the festival, is often organized on the 14th night of the lunar January. Besides, there are some traditional activities like lion or dragon dance, folk music performances, human chess contest, wrestling, martial arts demonstrations… to serve travelers.

3. Vieng Market Festival (Nam Dinh Province)

Vieng Market takes place at midnight of 7th January (lunar calendar), but tourists from all places often gather here right from that afternoon. They come here to join Phu Giay Festival which worships Lieu Hanh Goddess – one of immortal gods of Vietnam.
7 most unique spring festivals in Vietnam
Buying some beef in Vieng Market Festival is considered to bring people luck
This festival is organized only one time in a year. People believe that if you can buy some beef or trees in this market, you will be lucky all year round.

4. Lim Festival (Bac Ninh Province)

Originated from a famous legend, Lim Festival is one of the most important spring festivals in Vietnam. This is a big festival of Bac Ninh Province with many activities related to culture, art and spirituality.
7 most unique spring festivals in Vietnam
Folk music contest - a popular activity in Lim Festival
Especially, during the festival, there are numerous folk music, rice-cooking, wrestling, chess… contests. They are not only forms of entertainment but also good ways to maintain the cultural identity of “the land of folk music”. The time when Lim Festival starts is between 12th and 14th January (lunar calendar).

5. Yen Tu Festival (Quang Ninh Province)

This festival is held in Yen Tu - the historical site and famous landscape in Vietnam from 10th January to March (lunar calendar). Mt Yen Tu with the height of over 1000m is regarded the ancestral land of Buddhism in this nation.
7 most unique spring festivals in Vietnam
Dong Pagoda on Mt Yen Tu is crowded with people during the festival
To reach Dong Pagoda – a sacred temple on the peak of Yen Tu, visitors can choose to climb to the mountain or travel by the cable car system.

6. Ba Den Mountain Festival (Tay Ninh Province)

Starting on 4th January (lunar calendar), Ba Den Mountain Festival is one of the biggest spring festivals in northern Vietnam.

7 most unique spring festivals in Vietnam
Linh Son Tien Thach Temple - the place Ba Den Mountain Festival is held
In addition to religious activities, tourists can also participate in film screening programs, art performances, sport competitions and traditional games…

7. Dong Da Mound Festival (Hanoi city)

Dong Da Mound is a well-known historical site where Quang Trung King led Vietnam people to defeat foreign invaders. Therefore, this festival is organized to memorize contributions of this great king – the hero in the national history.

7 most unique spring festivals in Vietnam
Dong Da Festival with unique activities
Coming to this festival, tourists will have the opportunities to admire unique performances to replay historic battle under the reign of Quang Trung King.

So if you travel to Vietnam in the spring, don’t forget to join these outstanding festivals. Enjoy them!

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