Museums in Jaipur Showcasing the Heritage of the City

The Pink City of Jaipur is basically known for its royal architectural wonders and a heap of traditions and customs. For history buffs, an opportunity to get an insight into the life and works of the former Kings and Queens of Jaipur, the museums are the best places. Get a glance at the expressions and articles of the prior period with detailed insights. These museums exhibit extraordinary conglomerations of the Kings which can't be found at anywhere else. So before booking a Jaipur to Delhi cab to head back home, make sure you have these all checked off your list.

Museums in Jaipur Showcasing the Heritage of the City

If you think that after touring around the known spots of Jaipur, booking a Jaipur to Delhi cab is the last step to put an end to your Jaipur trip, then you are mistaken. The museums of Jaipur too demand your attention. Are you listening?

Dolls Museum

The Dolls Museum in Jaipur boasts of a gleaming collection of dolls in all shapes, sizes and attires. This amazing spot was built in the year 1974 and mirrors the way of life of different states of India with dolls wearing the individual states' traditional attires. Here, you can discover dolls from the states of Maharashtra, Assam, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, and Punjab. These dolls look splendid in their wedding outfits and are a treat for the eyes.

Albert Hall

A standout amongst the most established and sought after museums in Rajasthan, the Albert Hall Museum is a fine mix of English and North Indian designing. Constructed particularly to pay tribute to the Prince of Wales, the museum is situated in the Ram Niwas Garden. The displays here depict the unprecedented society of the obsolete tribes of Lohars, Meenas, and Bhils of Rajasthan through antiquated dresses and decorations. Besides, one can in like manner ponder over the Phad centerpieces of Marwars in alternate parts of the Albert Hall Museum.

The City Palace Museum

Situated in the heart of Jaipur, the City Palace Museum was built by Raja Jai Singh II and is one of the best places to visit around Jaipur. A mammoth metal gate welcomes you to the imperial building. At this museum, you will see the the Chandra Mahal that showcases the Rajput school of Art, the Diwan-e-Khas and Sri Govind Dev Temple. In the Chandra Mahal, you can see the supreme pieces of clothing worn by Emperors of yore, and also, various created works and old rarities that had a place with the illustrious family that lived here.

Hawa Mahal Museum

Established in 1983, Hawa Mahal Museum is situated behind the enchanting Hawa Mahal. The sculptural legacy from Ganeshwar, Virat Nagar, Raid, Sambhar and Nagar are directed in this verifiable focus, along with an accumulation of fascinating things, including fishnets, defensive hats, terracotta, swords and distinctive resources of the Maharajas of Jaipur. A colossal stockpiling vessel of second century AD, is the highlight of this gallery here that is a genuine head turner!

Having visited these, you won't just associate better with the stunning past of Jaipur, but will also see the city in an all new light. After having toured around these amazing historical centers, you may now proceed with the online cab booking process to head back to your respective home city. Wasn’t the time travel worthy?

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