The “Silent” Tea Shop in the Heart of Hoi An

Received many compliments on TripAdvisor website, the tea room with the staff who are deaf people will be a certainly ideal destination for tourists in Hoi An.

Located on Tran Phu Street, surrounding the Reaching Out is a wealth of clothing stores, leather goods and other restaurants. So the visitors might easily miss out this brilliant place.

The Teahouse seems to be opposed to a busy Hoi An with crowded tourists and crunch stores. In the cafe, there is only a quiet and relaxing atmosphere.

The bar staff are deaf people. Although they cannot hear anything, they always heartedly and friendly serve gestures. Customers can feel the beauty of silence in space. There is a frame grabbing the words "Beauty of Silence" written calligraphy in the main compartment of the bar.

The café is divided into different spaces, but all of them located under roof built in traditionalstyle of Hoi An architecture. It consists of a main space and two extra spaces, and small garden behind.

People who would like watching the busy streets can choose the main space with the table overlooking at Tran Phu Street. For those who traveling in a group of 3 or 5, tourists can also book a large table. For groups of twowho are friends and love open space where close to nature, a table in the courtyard is very suitable for chatting.

Beverages include herbal teas, snowy mountain jasmine tea, black dragon brown tea, juice and coffee. The price of drinks here is from about 2$ to 5.5$. Diners can also order some cakes to enjoy with tea or coffee.

The arrangements in Reaching Out show a highly refined and traditional aspiration. Most of furniture is wooden; beverages, especially tea, packed in beautiful ceramic cup. Flowers adorned on each table are the wild flowers.

There is no problem in communicating with the staff because on everytable had a tray of wood to records the orders accompanied by small pieces of paper and pencils. The customers just need to write down the request, and they will implement immediately.

Drinking a cup of hot tea on a rainy day in the silence here, tourists have the opportunities to think of their own lives and respect to the words of “Hoa Nhap”- the Vietnamese name of this cafeteria.

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