9 Cafes in Hoi An You Would Love at the First Sight

1. Reaching Out (131 Tran Phu Street)

Topping the list of most romantic and unique café in Hoi An is the Reaching Out. The bar is designed in real Vietnamese architecture, from the building to its furniture like tables, chairs, teapots, coffee pots… to the decorations such as dishes, cases, pictures… are ancient, elegant, and casual.

Upon entering the café, visitors can “be enclosure” by a peaceful atmosphere and full of tea flavor. Tourists can choose between having a sit in the room to enjoy the warm air and booking a table in the garden to watch the romantic beauty of the old walls or the vine flower baskets there.

2. Cocobox (94 Le Loi Street)

Cocobox is designed as a coffee and vitamin shop combines agricultural products store which is very popular in Europe. Thus, come to the Café, tourists can not only enjoy the fantastic frappes in European styles, but also have chance to take home many high quality items including coffee, honey, tea, spices, coconut oil...

The Cocobox serves various fresh fruit vitamins which will suit all types of customers. The menu is very strange with Relax Thu Bon, Good morning Hoi An, An Bang Colada…not only because of the names, but also the ingredients.

3. Le Fe Cafeteria (693 Phan Chau Trinh Street)

Le Fe Cafeteria is deep in an alley on Phan Chau Trinh Street. Thus, many people come to Hoi An often overlook this fascinating destination.

The first highlight of Le Fe Cafeteria is the faded wooden signpost. When getting in, a peaceful and spacious space is opened. The café consists of three main parts. Both the first room and the last one are opened spaces with greenery and take advantage of natural light. The other is the place for displaying ancient decoration like antique books, old television, dialing phones...

4. Hai Cafe (111 Tran Phu Street)

Most people who visit Hoi An at least once come to Hai Cafe. The shop is famous for its charms as well affordable price. Hai café is an ideal place for those who would like to enjoy the taste quiet and relaxed beauties which are major characteristics of Hoi An.

Built on the architecture of the old houses, Hai Cafe has two spaces with the views tothe two main streets. One is a big yard with tall tables and chairs, colored linen pillow and cool canopies. Another is smaller, but in return has a porch where visitors can take fresh air from there. There is nothing more brilliant than leaning on bamboo chair and drink a glass of cool frappe in that small patio, and enjoy a favorite song under the covered ivy foliage.
A Tourist at Hai Cafe

5. Cargo (107 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street)

Opened not long ago, but Cargo Club in Hoi An is still extremely famous, especially with foreign tourists. Cargo processes a spacious and modern space, but still retains ancient and tranquil features of Hoi An. Decoratedin elegant and minimalist style with the white major tone, Cargo brings the customers senses of gentle and comfort.

6. The Chef (166 Tran Phu Street)

It would be a strange place for those who acquainted with the image of Hoi An with ancient red- roof houses. Being a well – known restaurants, but the Chef also processes various options of drink. Thus, tourists can choose to enjoy the breakfast with coffee or other drinks there.

The second floor, where serves coffee, is decorated with eye- catching dark wooden walls,and large furniture which enough for visitors to enjoy their cup of coffee, and to swallow interesting books. If the visitors would like to try reading in a quiet atmosphere of the ancient town, Chef Club’s second floor would be the most ideal option. But if someone likes to watch the busy of streets, the seats on the balcony or rooftop would be very appropriate. Chef can be considered as the most place to sightseeing a slow Hoi An ancient town from the above.

7. May Concept (8C Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street)

May Concept is located at 8C Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, near the Bridge Pagoda. This is a pretty special space as both a cafe and tailor shop. Thus, after enjoyed coffee, visitors can buy some souvenir items as gifts when coming back home.

The May Concept’s rooms usedark wooden furniture to create a quaint and cozy look. If the customers love nature, they can also visit a small garden to drink a delicious cup of tea or coffee. But what makes this place become more attractive is the friendly and enthusiastic staff. Guests are always warmly welcome with their lovely smile as well sincere and likeable greets.

On every Friday, this Café also holds musical performances and serve diners. Thus, visitors will be entertained by rustic guitar acoustic rhythms.

8. Gemstone Art Museum (130 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street)

Passing 130 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, you will see a museum cafe called the Gemstone Art Museum (Museum of precious stones). It attracts many tourists thanks to hundreds of gemstones from the north to the south displaying in the Café. The collection is an achievement of a beautiful woman named Duong Nga for over 20 years.

Come to Gemstone Art Museum, tourists can enjoy coffee in a private space and admire these amazing stones. If having lucky chances to meet the owner, visitors can talk to her about the stories behind these rare gemstones.

9. Mango Rooms (111 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street)

Everything in the beautiful and cute café is very brilliant, from the walls, pillows, the bar to furniture, ceiling fan, dishes ... All of them are covered with striking and playful colors. Mango Rooms always brings customers feelings like watching a multi-colored picture that is still painting but extremely harmonious and fun.

With 2 main parts which are decorated and built in two different styles. The one from there can see Hoi An’ s ancient streets brings visitors an image of a pure Vietnam but also a bit of "rebellion" like the colorful room which through with Bach Dang Street. If once came to this café, be sure that you did choose a riverside seat to contemplate the whole beauty of the Mango Rooms.

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