6 Features of Hoi An Which Fascinate Tourists

If you don't know what to experience as well as things to see and do in Hoi An for your Vietnam travel, you can consider some following features of Hoi An which enchant all visitors here.

1. Silent Beaches

Hoi An might not be famous for its tourism with beaches, but they are still an attraction to visitors who once came to Hoi An. Cycling in a distance of kilometers from the central of the town, tourists can meet beautiful and peaceful beaches such as An Bang or Cua Dai. Cham Island Tour is one of the most interesting Hoi An tours which can help you have chance to enjoy beach here in one day.

2. Ancient Architectures

Hoi An is the symbol of a taciturn beauty whenever you come there. Curving roofs on the bright colored walls are characteristics of houses in Hoi An Ancient Town. Walking on the streets of the town with the sound of classical music, tourists can have the expression that they are in a film studio or living in an old city in 17th - 18th century.

3. Customs

Hoi An is also known as a center of tailored traditional clothing. There are hundreds of tailor stores closed proximity to the roadsides, and all sewers are skillful. Visitors have multiple choices of hand- made souvenirs including clothes, shoes, or even hand bags.

It may take time to select the styles and materials before order any gifts. If you are a busy person and you would like to spend more time on discovering other beauties of the town, you can also buy an available product there.

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4. Diverse Cuisine

Hoi An has a unique cuisine with a variety of specialties. Cao Lau, a traditional food made from a special kind of noodle with shrimps, pork, herbs, and broth, is not-to-be-missed dish in Hoi An. What makes Cao Lau unique is that its broth is the water taken from an ancient Cham Well in the suburban.

The white rose cake, called Vac cake by most of native people, is another dish that is tourists’ favorite. The main ingredient of the cake is pureed shrimps, its burst made of rice flavor, cleverly moldedby the bakers with the passion. The most well- known place to enjoy this specialty is a three- generation family, which holds the secret formula of this dish.

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5. Lively Market Scenes

The market in the old town is always busy of purchasing activities in small stores, or street vendors, and also tourists on roads. If visitors come to there in the early mornings, they have chances to join in special markets of the natives, and buy a lot of things at reasonable prices. The image of street vendors wearing “Non La” (colonical hat), a Vietnamese traditional hat, is also an attraction to the tourists come to the town.

6. The Nightlife

When the sun goes down behind the mountain, Hoi An is still ịn hustle and bustle. The folk music and dance performances were lively in the evening along the banks of Thu Bon River. On special holidays, there are peaceful prayers with a special activity of refloating the flowers garlands and colored lanterns. Furthermore, visitors also have the opportunity to do shoppingsome souvenirs such as silk or several chain necklaces at the night markets in Hoi An.

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