5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Hoi An in Rainy Season

Not being noisy and bustling as in the summer, this time of year in Hoi An is rainy season with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Thus, there are some certain reasons why tourists should visit Hoi An in this period.

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The Low-Price Tickets

In the end of the lunar year, the common weather in Hoi An is scattered rain season, so that the visitors have great chances to enjoy peace in this ancient town. On this occasion, tourists have chances to get tickets with cheaper fears because most of Vietnamese Airlines carry out the promotions in order to attract more tourists come to Vietnam.

Hotels & Homestays Are at Reasonable Prices

Because it is not the tourism season, all the hotels and homestays in Hoi An have discounts for their customers. So the tourists are able toenjoy good accommodation with reasonable rates, just from 10$ for a homestay and 20$ for a hotel room.

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A Cool and Comfortable Weather

Contradictory to the cold winter in the north, Hoi An’s weather in this time of year is quite great. Visitors can get into cool holidays with a slight sunshine or scattered rains.  It is an ideal destination who would like to enjoy the fall weather in the end of the year in Vietnam.

A Peaceful Ancient Town

In this time of year the majority of tourists in Hoi An are foreigners, so most of streets in the town are not as crowded as in the tourism season. The ancient streets will become more peaceful than ever, it suit people who love the silence and the peace of the city. Tourists can comfortably walk on streets or cycle around the hundred- year-old town.

Visitors can also meet hand – in – hand couples in drizzles on these streets. It is the reason why a number of foreign magazines have listed Hoi An as one in ten of most romantic cities in the world.

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Chances to Enjoy the Sea View in the Winter

Tourists can walk con the solitary coastline or enjoy a cup of tea with a book in a café, get into the cool atmosphere of winter while looking at the boundless ocean. That is really a special moment which brings the tourists brand new expressions in Hoi An.

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