The Must Taste Delicious Dishes When Travelling to Hai Duong Province

Hai Duong attracts visitors with hundreds of cultural and historical monuments and thousands of stories of celebrities of military, literature, famous doctors like Tran Hung Dao, Nguyen Trai, Chu Van An, Tue Tinh ... Besides , the specialty here is also good and attractive.

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#1. Thanh Ha litchi

Annually, at the end of May and the beginning of June, when the burning summer sun shines that is also the time when dark red litchi of Thanh Ha is harvested. Many people has said that, if looked from above, the green of the leaves is dominate by the red fruit, and looks like a skill fully dyed dish of sticky rice.
Thanh Ha litchi is a famous brand all over the country
It has been said that lychee was originated in China, and was first planted in Vietnam by Mr. Hoang Van Com, Lam Thuy village, Thanh Son commune, Thanh Ha district, Hai Duong province. The “ancestor” litchi tree that he planted is about 200 years old. Thanks to the favor of heaven and earth, nature and the land of Thanh Ha, the high quality seed planted on fertile soil creates a famous unique product. Locals has interbreed from this tree. Today, lychee is propagated to some other places in the country as Luc Ngan - Bac Giang, Chi Linh - Hai Duong and many other areas ...

Planting litchi has become a major job of many families in Thanh Ha, Hai Duong
Thanh Ha litchi is characterized by small fruits, scabrous peel, red (when ripening), black seed or no seed, thick white pulp which has sweet taste and distinctive flavor. Lychee flowers in solar March and the fruits ripen in solar June. Because of the delicious taste, Thanh Ha litchi soon became an indispensable specialty here and is sold in other areas. In summer, despite fearing the scalding hot, when seeing the bunches of red ripening Thanh Ha litchi, nobody could ignore….

The ripening litchi fruits have beautiful red color
#2. Hai Duong anabas fish noodle

Anabas fish noodle is sold in almost everywhere, but perhaps in Hai Duong, you will experience a new flavor! The purchased fat perch, after being cleaned, will be divided into two parts, one part is used to cook broth, the other part is used to put in a bowl. The broth is cooked only from perch without adding pork bone, the ratio of fresh fish and water is 1: 2.5, and this mixture is cooked until meat and fish bones dissolve and the broth has sweet taste. People also put into cooked broth a little fresh ginger to create an attractive aroma for the broth, as well as reduce the fishy smell of fish.
Hai Duong anabas fish noodle is cooked differently from other places
If perch in other places is fried, the fish used in noodles in Hai Duong is processed differently. These fish which is left is boiled, remove the flesh separately from the bone. After that, the fish is fried with a little onion and oil. Perhaps, the difference in this processing is the point creating the special taste of anabas noodle here.

After frying the fish, people put noodle, some slices of fried fish, onions, a little pepper in a bowl and souse hot broth on the ingredients. The dish is displayed on the table with some pure sauce with some slices of chili, a dish of vegetables, banana inflorescence, water morning glory…. Going to Hai Duong land, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy the rustic but equally delicious dish.
Hai Duong fish noodle is served with water morning glory and other spices
In addition to perch fish noodle, Hai Duong is also famous for other specialties such as Phu Tai orange, Dong areca, Kinh Mon garlic, Day cake served with sausages in Gia Loc, Chi Linh banana and custard- apple, Ke Sat - Binh Giang rice pancake...

Part 1. The Must Taste Delicious Dishes When Travelling to Hai Duong Province 

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