Hoi An- the Beauty of a Traditional Pure Girl

Not too as dignified as Hue, as busy as Cho Lon (Lon Market)- Saigon, Hoi An charms visitors with the beauty which can be compared to the shy beauty of a traditional girl, pure but extremely passionate and romantic.

Hoi An ancient town is a famous tourist side in Vietnam

The passionate romance seems to have become the soul of Hoi An ancient town; people may accidentally catch its familiar features: the green moss covering roofs exisitng with time, the shimmering colors of the lanterns, sophisticated sculptures in the wooden houses having existed for more than three hundred circles of spring, summer, autumn and winter,….whenever they go.

In particular, the old street has a romantic, profound and peaceful look in the magic light of lanterns every 14th night of the lunar months. In the past, if Vietnamese people were familiar with peanut oil lamps, the Japanese and Chinese have taken to Hoi An the habit of using lanterns.

The colourful lanterns in Hoi An ancient town

The initiative to restore the lighting of lanterns instead of electric light since the fall of 1998 has brought many surprising results from the first days. In each 14th night of the lunar months, all activities of this peaceful town date back to more than 300 years ago, and all the electric lights in the old town within the limits of four streets including Tran Phu, Nguyen Thai Hoc, Le Loi , Bach Dang are turned off and replaced by the faciful multi-coloured lanterns hung under the eaves.

While the moonlight in cities and urban areas everywhere are being “lost” and hidden by the tall buildings and artificial lights, the moon in the old town of Hoi An is still intact. The moon makes the old town more beautiful, sparkling and romantic….

Hoi An is one of the ideal places to see the moon in Autumn

In Hoi An, it seems to be that people could see the moonlight in everywhere, every corner of the town. There is neither tall buildings nor brilliant lights and billboards which hide the moon; therefore, watching the moon in the ancient town of Hoi An is extremely interesting. In each footstep, each place in the town, we can have a different feeling depending on the architecture, the roofs, treetops ... Feellings are likely to remain in the mind and soul of those who used to immerse themselves at moonlit nights in Hoi An.

The light of lanterns is dim and bears the marks of the ancient time. The circular and hexagonal lanterns in Chinese-style are generally hung under the eaves and in two sides of the doors; the rhombic lanterns or white Japanese-style tube lantern strings are put in the pillars, then square or rhombic in differents small sizes... all have created a shimmering and magical space. The light intensity decreases, but the love and enthusiasm with the romantic ancient town strongly spring up in the heart of tourists coming or going through Hoi An.

The flowers are drifted in the water at Hoi An Flower Lantern Festival

Hoi An ancient town becomes more beautiful, more profound and more peaceful in the Flower Lantern Festival. In order preserve the beauty of this cultural heritage, people of Hoi An no not use electrical appliances such as TV, radio, street lights, neon lights on full-moon or the fifteenth night of the lunar months. Instead, the entire old town will be put on a layer of warm multicolored lights reflected from the colored silk ribbons through the glass windows and paper lanterns hung along the streets.

Hoi An- the Beauty of a Traditional Pure Girl.

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