Long Bien Bridge - From The Past To The Present

Thanks to its unique historic, architectural and cultural value in Vietnam, Long Bien Bridge, constructed from 1989 to 1902, is considered the symbol of courageous capital in wars. It was originally 1,800 meters long with a single-track railway in the middle with car and pedestrian lanes on both sides. While many old buildings have been recently interchanged by the skyscrapers with the fixed roofs, the painted walls and modern amenities, over the fast flowing of life, the ancient Long Bien Bridge waits silently for its immortal worth.

Long Bien Bridge in 1989
It is said that Long Bien Bridge is the best place to contemplate the splendid glow of dawn, evening red-yellow twilight as well as nice scenery with endless of green trees in the alluvial patch. It is the only bridge in Vietnam where you can go for a stroll and enjoy the desserts offered by vendors, which makes an exclusive Long Bien Bridge in the eyes of the visitors. Eventually, essences of ancient authentic beauty are converged at Long Bien Bridge in your trips to Vietnam.

Today trains, mopeds, bicycles and pedestrians not cars use the dilapidated bridge; therefore, you can flee with the crowed daily life of Hanoi as usual to enjoy another perspective of the charming Hanoi.

Sunrise over the old Long Bien Bridge

Actually, you can enjoy the slow film reel of Hanoians in the past and at the present, between the quiet-period of Long Bien Bridge and effervescent life in Chuong Duong Bridge. Seeing trains passing day by day and wallow in the most peaceful moments here, you are thrilled to bits with such a wonderful Vietnam.

Local lifestyle around the Long Bien Bridge through the lens of photographers

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