Top 6 Exciting Things To Do In Chiang Mai, Thailand

Learn Baan Thai Cooking Class
Food is considered one of the best ways to discover the authentic destinations. so, take a Baan Thai cooking class to have the real lookout of Thai cuisine. Going to the market to choose the fresh ingredients such as vegetable, meats and fishes. And then learn how to cook a variety of Thai food with the instructions of teachers. They are always beside with you. You absolutely have fun as well as know more about the Thai traditional culture form cuisine.

Visit Wats
Chiang Mai is famous for the shrine and wats. If you come to Chiang Mai without visiting Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, it is not perfect journey. Discover the unique architecture, long history and myths of mysterious wats and make a wish! It wil be true!

Eat Khao Soi
The combination of crispy, boiled egg, chicken, noodle and curry sauce with coconut milk create the delicious Khao Soi. You can easily find Khao Soi everywhere in Chiang Mai as it is known as Chiang Mai Noodle. Try it and find the unique taste of Khao Soi.

Visit Mae Elephant Camp
No trip to Chiang Mai should be without visit Mae Sa Elephant Camp and take a elephant riding. You can try a training course to know more about elephant communities and their body languages. You are also taught the basic lesson to command, control and handle when riding elephants. And then, sitting on the elephants’ back and discover the beautiful valleys. Out of the modern cities such as Bangkok, you will actually find the real Thailand thanks to the trips to Chiang Mai.

Lunch at Mon Cham
Lunch in the magnificent scenery and exclusive food is absolutely the feeling that everyone wants to have in their tour. Understand it well, we offer you to enjoy your lunch at Monjan on the way to reach the mountain. The open-air bamboo restaurant serves you local food such as kang kong, tom yam, etc .

Visit Night market

Chiang Mai is actual alive after dark with the noisy night markets. From the restaurants, entertainment center, bars to stalls  in the markets bring you the most exciting feelings. You can buy T-shirts, handbags, watches, crafts, textiles, accessories as well as home décor items or post cards as souvenirs. Two main markets are Kalara Nigh Bazaar and the Anusarn Market. 

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