Magical Full Moon Night in Hoi An

Once in every month, on the 14th day of the lunar month, the ancient town of Hoi An become gorgeously beautiful with the lantern festival. From 4pm, the streets along Hoai River restrict the entrance of vehicle, only pedestrians are allowed. More and more lanterns are lit up.

On the river, some enormous animals slowly appear vividly. The little bridge is lit by many big and small lanterns. The area is packed with hundreds of travelers. It is crowded yet very romantic.

As the evening comes, street lights are overwhelmed by the myriad decorated lanterns being hung outside the ancient houses. The locals here love lanterns so much that they even decorate their store banner, doors and windows with lanterns.

Travelers who are lucky to come to Hoi An during full moon night are also very excited with the floating lantern ceremony. This has become a tradition of the ancient town for many years now, and there is an increasing number of people coming to Hoi An just because of the full moon night. Hand-made paper Lanterns that resembles lotuses of different colors, are offered along the riverside with a price of only 2,500 to 5,000 dong.

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Here, travelers are delighted to buy these beautiful lanterns to set them afloat on the river, hoping that their wishes will come true. For more romance, couples or even groups of friends may hire a small boat and release the lantern from the middle of the river. For first timers to Hoi An, you do not have to be so much worry about bargaining as the people of Hoi An are very generally very kind, friendly and honest.

Full moon night in Hoi An is also a fantastic occasion for photographers to capture the very best of Hoi An ancient town, adorned by a wonderful setting.

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