5 Exciting Things to Do in Hoi An

The charming town of Hoi An has long been a favorite to millions of travelers coming to Vietnam. Once a major trading port in Asia, Hoi An today still retains its prominence, but as one of the most alluring destinations in the region. Here’re 5 interesting things to do in Hoi An ancient town:

1. Biking around the town

Hoi An is a very compact town, and on both sides of the streets, there are many things to see and many places that makes you want to stop by. With that in mind, biking is perhaps the best way to explore Hoi An as you can stroll around the city with ease but still able to witness the charm of the town at a very slow pace. If you want to travel further, bike to the peaceful village of Tra Que or to the pristine Cua Dai Beach.

2. Wandering aimlessly with a camera

There seems to be a countless number of small alleys cutting through the streets of Hoi An. Many of which don’t even appear on the map or any tourist guidebooks. Therefore, the best way to discover these hidden corners of the town is to wander aimlessly. Once you enter these small alleys, it is very likely that you will find a secret cafe, an old house or temples or even just a chicken rice stall. You will then need a camera with you to capture your own secret corner.

3. Enjoying a drink in a unique café

There’re not many finer places that offer so many unique cafes like Hoi An does. A café here can be a garment store or even a gemstone museum. Often times, you may opt to take a seat within the house to enjoy reading a book in a quiet space or sit outside on the terrace to watch people goes by or the glorious sunset.
Gemstone Art Museum (also known as GEM), is also a famous cafe in Hoi An

4. Enjoying the local cuisine

Hoi An cuisine is very tasty and unique, not like any other local cuisines in Vietnam. The most famous dishes that are considered must-try in Hoi An are Mi Quang (spiced noodles with pork, shrimp and peanuts), Cao Lau (noodles, pork, lots of fresh herbs and chili paste) and Com Ga (Hoi An chicken rice with onions, coriander and a special spicy sauce). Perhaps the best way to enjoy Hoi An cuisine is to take a seat on the plastic stool nearby the Thu Bon river and order a bowl of local delicacy.
A bowl of Cao Lau

5. Releasing colored lanterns onto the river on a full moon night

When walking along the riverside, you will encounter some lovely ladies or little girls who offer beautiful and colorful lanterns. It is believed that the act of setting a lantern afloat will bring good luck for the releaser. On full moon nights, there’s even a “Lantern Night” when the river will be at gorgeous with plenty of vivid lanterns floating. This is a scene that you will not want to miss while in Hoi An.
A lantern night in Hoi An

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