Top 4 Unique Cafes in Hoi An

The streets of Hoi An ancient town are packed with chic restaurants and cafes. However, these 4 cafes stands out for being unique.

Le Fe Cafeteria

Hidden in a small valley of Phan Chu Trinh Street, Le Fe Cafeteria is often omitted by many travelers. First impression that strikes visitors here is the small wooden board with its name on it. The café has a total number of three chambers. The first and last possess an open space, with lots of plants and natural sunlight. Meanwhile, the middle chamber exhibits a wide variety of decorating stuffs such as books, old TVs and phones. There is music performance taking place weekly at Le Fe Cafeteria.

May Concept

Unlike Le Fe Cafeteria, May Concept can be easily found as it is not far away from the famous Japanese Bridge. The place is both a café and a garment store so visitors can opt for buying some souvenirs after finishing their drinks. The interior of May Concept is characterized by dark and cozy tone of color.
The best thing about this café is perhaps the friendliness of the staffs who never seem to stop smiling. Acoustic performances are also held weekly on Friday.

Reaching Out

This is one of the most well-known cafes in Hoi An, even to foreign travelers. However, it is a tea house to be exact. The most ordered item at Reaching Out is Vietnamese tea. Because of that, once you step inside, you will feel the relaxing aroma of brewing tea. A cup of tea can be perfectly paired with a lovely biscuit or some traditional shreds of candied coconut. This is an ideal choice for a relaxing in the afternoon, especially for tea lovers.

Gemstone Art Museum

Also known as GAM, this is also a famous gem museum in Hoi An. This hybrid café thus attract many travelers not just because of the drinks but also hundreds of pieces of gems and jewelries throughout Vietnam being put on display. This is an admirable achievement done by Ms. Duong Nga who managed to collect all of them after 20 years. Having a coffee here brings you a feeling of glamour. A perfect place to spend an evening during your Vietnam luxury tours.


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