Preparing for a Trip

When it comes to travel, there’s a lot on the table with this tried and true, time honored pastime. After all, there’s so much to see and so much to do in this great big beautiful world of ours, so there is literally something for everyone. You could pursue breath taking natural vistas, or you could expose yourself to one of the many cultures that populate the grand tapestry of human civilization. These are just a few of the endless possibilities of travel. So, it’s easy to see why we as a species are so in love with travel. What was once a necessity has become recreation, and there’s a good reason for that. We are compelled biologically to explore. Once, for survival, now for fun. However, before you give into wanderlust, be sure to properly prepare for your trip. Here are some tips to help you along.

Where packing is concerned, you’re going to want to make sure you get your essentials in order as soon as humanly possible. Since you will be using much of what you pack on a daily basis, it’s best to buy extras to be left in your bag in advance to save time as the trip draws near. As for what to pack, you’re going to need toiletries, of course, such as a tooth brush, tooth paste, and deodorant. You’re going to need enough clothing for the trip, probably about one outfit per day plus extras just in case. And, you’re going to need some ID. This can be your driver’s license, of course, but an international trip will require a passport. If you wear contacts, go ahead and order some spares from 1800Contacts so that you won’t be stranded with impaired vision during your trip. Likewise, make sure your phone, keys, and wallet are in your bag or on your person at all times leading up to your trip and during it.

Perhaps more importantly, you’ll need to make arrangements for the trip, itself, and like packing, you’ll want to do this as early as possible. The key difference here is that there’s little to nothing to stop you doing it right now if you please, so why not? You’ll want to arrange for a hotel or motel room, a flight, and a rental car, as needed, though these are subject to change.Once all of the arrangements are made, there is plenty of time to back out or make changes as need be, and you’ll be able to start your trip off right if you’re free from worrying about the details, because you’ve had the trip on lockdown for months.

One Day in Yangon and Things to Do (Part 2)

In the previous article of One day in Yangon and Things to Do part 1, we have finished half of the day discovering this city with many interesting attractions and activities. Now, we will continue on our Myanmar Private Holidays to explore Yangon by night and see what's special about this amazing city.

In the Evening

If you want to know more about the history and culture of Yangon, let’s take a look at some highlight monuments of this city. 

Downtown Yangon is where most of the colonial buildings locate which are still well – preserved and being in used such as the High Court building at Pansodan street, Yangon City Hall on Mahabandoola street and Strand Hotel.

Sule Pagoda is also a not –to –be- missed spot in Yangon. Lies in the busiest crossroad in the heart of the city, this pagoda is considered as one of the holiest sites in Yangon and Myanmar in general. 

From Sule pagoda, tourists can see the Mahabadoola Park in the opposite side. It was name after general Mahabandoola who played an important role in the first Anglo – Burmese war in 1824-1826. After Burma gained the independence in 1948, an independent monument was placed in the park replacing the statue of Queen Victoria.  This park is also a favorite place of many locals and foreigners.  

Continue to walk to the east, tourists will spot the Botaung Pagoda which is close to the Yangon river. The building is said to construct at the same time with Shwedagon pagoda and used to preserve the hair relic of the Buddha. You can also visit the Botahtaung harbor where many local to come to hang out and enjoy delicious barbeque, watching the ships go by. If you want to explore the city and its monument in a completely different way, join onboard of Burma river cruises.

If you still feel like to go more, Kyauk Taw Gyi pagoda is an interesting place to visit where locates a gigantic Buddha image made out of a single enormous marble stone. You can also have a chance to see the rare white elephants kept in the park nearby.  

Night out

Yangon becomes livelier than ever when the night falls. The city offers all kinds of entertainments for all groups such as beer stations, bars and traditional performances. You can find a great number of café and bars along Strand and Merchant road. Meanwhile, Yangon Chinatown is where you can find fresh cool cheap Burmese draught beer with a wide variety of food selections at a reasonable price. This is also a favorite place of both locals and foreigners in Yangon at night to hang out and enjoy some of the best BBQ in town.   

Myanmar offers so many things to see and do, not just temples and pagodas. The country also owns more than 2,000 km coastline along the Gulf of Bengal and Andaman Sea which some beaches are listed in the most beautiful stretches in Asia. Check out for more details and tailor made holidays to these paradise on earth.

One Day in Yangon and Things to Do (Part1)

The city of Yangon is full of surprises and interesting things to discover. A day may not be enough to experience everything but with the tailor made Yangon Day Tours, tourists can definitely explore the best things of this city. 

In the Morning

When in Yangon, many tourists will choose Shwedagon Pagoda to be their first stop because of its holiness and unique appearance. This building is said to be the oldest and most prestigious in Myanmar which preserves the 4 precious items of 4 Buddhas. Visiting this magnificent construction will bring the peacefulness to your mind whether you are a believer or not. Furthermore, Shwedagon Pagoda is also the best spot to watch sunrise in Yangon and an ideal option for your Myanmar photography tour.

Feel the cool and fresh air of the early morning and watch the gilded stupa glitters in the sun lights of the golden land making one of the most inspiring moments in your trip to Burma.

Next, head to the Bahan 3rd street to have breakfast where you can taste the most typical dishes of Myanmar such as mohinga (noodles with fish soup), coconut noodles and nagyi thoke (dried noodles served with some side dishes) with a reasonable price.

Then you can visit the greenery Kandawgyi Park to enjoy the fresh air and tranquil atmosphere. The park features a large lake containing the boardwalk which you can stroll around and contemplate the beautiful scenery here. This is also where the gorgeous Karaweik Palace locates. 

Yangon Zoological Gardens or known as Victoria Memorial Park should be your next stop in your Yangon tour. This is the oldest and also the second largest zoo in Myanmar. There will be elephant and snake shows performed in the weekends.

At Noon

After having a busy morning, you can enjoy your lunch at the House of Memories restaurant. Located at No 290 U Wisara Road, Yangon, this restaurant lies in the old colonial villa which offers a wide selection of food from Burmese delicacies to Western dishes. You can also visit the office of the national hero – General Aung San on the upper floor.

Myanmar culture valley is also an ideal place for lunch in Yangon. The restaurant lies in the same area with the People’s Square and Park providing variety eating options from Eastern to Western cuisine. You can have fresh noodles at Happy Café and Noodles; fried stuffs, salads and Shan food at Cherry land. In addition, the valley also features a one stop shopping centre including numerous Burmese traditional products such as silk, lacquer ware and paintings.     

If you want to know what to do in Yangon complete your 1 day trip in this beautiful city, see more in One Day in Yangon and Things to Do Part 2.

The Strange Things That You Might Not Know about Myanmar – The Land of Golden Temples

As a country with a distinct cultural identity, there are certainly a lot of things to discover about people and this country, here are some strange things you may not know yet.

Towers are many more than schools

There are many towers, sometimes thousands of gold towers, up to several tens of tons, with thousands of diamonds and gems, thousands of Buddha statues (Shwedagon Pagoda). Many temples have relics of the Buddha and thousands of years old. The temple includes a very large campus, sometimes up to a few dozen samples. In the temple may be just a Buddha (Southern Buddhism) or the tower. There are merit boxes depending on the field, part work. Buddha statues and towers in the temple are getting bigger and bigger because they are constantly adding gold and silver to Buddhist monks. Many hundreds of meters long Buddha (Khaukhtatgyi Pagoda), a statue of nearly a thousand tons of precious stones should be carved (Kyauk Taw Gyee Temple). The Thone Wain Museum, with the relics of the relics, Buddhist monks can visit the temple often ... The festival is usually attached to the temple, especially on the full moon.

Monks are many more than the military

Although Myanmar is among the top of the list of countries with big army, the number of monks is higher than soldiers. Monks focus on tuition and study in the monastery, there are thousands of people like Kyat Khat Wine. They go out for alms every day and eat like the ordinary people. The only difference is; they do not eat after lunch (12 hours), not kill, not gather crowded, not use perfume cosmetics, not in close contact with women. The monastery is a place to teach life skills for children, where young men must enter the monastery before maturity. Summer is the entrance ceremony for boys.

Strange time zone 

Time zones of countries differ from one unit to another, while Myanmar is 0.5. Myanmar time zone is 30 minutes earlier than Vietnam. Myanmar's top national drink is milk tea, light tea mixed with fresh milk and honey. Ones can drink it until full without worrying of being drunk or insomnia. National electricity grid is very weak, so hotels and restaurants have to use their own generator. The markets open at 9 o'clock but close at 16 o'clock because the electricity is cut at 17pm. In the evening, they go to bed very early because there is nothing to entertain in the evening. There are only coffee shops, milk tea or snacks, no liquor pub or shopping.

Men are highly appreciated in social relationships

This is expressed everywhere: in the family, to the street and to the temple. In the house, women must serve men, the laundry is also separate.

Nuns are not allowed to be leader of the temple, only go out for alms once a week, but monks go out everyday. The wedding is held in the morning until noon. The reception department opens the envelope to count the money and write the sender's name in the book as soon as it is received. The groom and the bride only open the presents. Myanmar people follow the cremation customs but do not take ashes to worship or bring to the temple. When dying, use the common box, provided by mutual assistance, not leaving the day and only cremation, not buried. There is no anecdote because they think that "death is going to another world, no longer have any bond with the living" ...

Strange international airport in Yangoon

The airport is quite quiet, using less than a quarter of its capacity, but is being expanded to triple its expansion to catch up with the upcoming development. Guests do not have to squeeze or queue. Staff enthusiasticly help bring luggage to the ticket counter, help with the procedures. The souvenir shop is rich, sold as market prices. It is a bit difficult to understand that the declaration of entry which we are given on the plane is useless. We have to fill in anther declaration at the airport.

Remove your shoes and socks when entering the temple

The head of state is no exception. Police guard the temple during the holidays also "barefoot, head bare". You have to leave slippers/shoes at the shoe-keeper at 1,000 kyats (about 2,000 VND). If you take plastic bag (sponge) to carry shoes with you, it’s the same price. Visiting the temple in the early morning or evening is best because it is hot. Bring a wet towel to wipe your feet after each visit. The temple does not light incense but candles. Buddhists can eat and sleep in the temple. Guests wear short, too thin will not be allowed to visit the temples or have to buy additional clothing.

Myanmar's only current world heritage is Pyu

Pyu town is the only world heritage in Myanmar, including the ruins of Kanbawza Thadi in Bago (1st century BC - 9th century), recognized by UNESCO in 2014. Due to the embargo, Many Burmese Buddhist relics are not internationally recognized such as Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Kyaithtiyo Temple in Bago, Mahamuni Pagoda (also known as Payagi or Big Paya), Emperor's Palace, the longest wooden bridge in the world on theTaungthaman Lake and Kuthodaw Pagoda in Mandalay ... Kuthodaw Temple carved the Tripitaka on 730 marble slabs, 1.5 m high, 1 m wide, 0.3 m thick, engraved on both sides, 80 - 100 words, which is extremely sharp and beautiful.

It is easy to differentiate people here with Asean countries

First of all is the habit of eating betel nuts, from the elderly to the young, they eat betel buts all day long, water from betel nut is everywhere. Everyone likes to apply some yellow powder from the thanaka tree on the face to protect their skin. Men wear sandals all year round, whether in a vest or attend a wedding. Only officials and troops wear shoes. People are free to visit all the attractions of the country. The people are very gentle, they like to visit temples and offerings, live very slowly and honestly.

No cable car, although there are many pagodas on high mountain

Instead, there are all-terrain vehicles. There are also palanquins, one for every four people. It is made of bamboo stem, diameter from 10 to 15 cm, there is a seat in the middle for guest to sit on. The furniture and the children were carried on the back or on the porters' heads. The back-basket are sometimes a few meters high. Each weighs more than a hundred kilograms, while basket on the head weighs only 30 kilograms.

Only car on the streets of Yangon

Most cars are right-hand drive vehicles, but all run on the right. Taxis only run the trip according to agreed price because no meter. The cars for tourists have doors on the left, so it is very inconvenient for people to get in and out of the car on the road. Hence, the car and guide in Myanmar always have to stand at the door, taking care of the guests’ safety. Although newly developed, Yangon began to have some traffic jam but they are always in order, no whistle and always give way to those who walk. Highway is wide but not good, motorcycles do not run in the middle of the road, only run on two side. Myanmar law does not oblige motorcyclists to wear helmets. There is also a trisaw, an improved bicycle for extra passengers, by adding a bucket, two back seats, two extra passengers and a right side wheel. The vehicles look slim but can carry over 300kg.

Travel to Malaysia and Visit Malacca - The Ancient City

Over many centuries, this land was a strategic location for Malaysian trade, a golden cake from Portugal, Holland, Britain, and Japan. International trade, invasions, trans-colonial transactions, the swings of promises made today's Malacca: a "kitchen" of cultural diversity with Many different architectural influences, but well mixed by Malaysian, so it’s not like a “hot pot” or any conflicts harsh. The cultures are naturally mixed with Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and English features blended with the secrecy of Islam, keeping the unique multifarious serenity.

If staying at the Hatten Hotel in the heart of Malacca, you can walk through the major tourist attractions in this city.

Even so small that it is only the Menara Taming Sari Tower that is able to see almost completely the city of Malacca, visitors also have to stay here for at least two days to explore all its beauty. Each tower visit lasts seven minutes and the tower can serve 80 people at a time. In addition, at the foot of the tower are some other activities that visitors can also try such as horse riding and rent an electric car to stroll around the city.

The Malacca River divides the city into two halves: the East Bank is an ancient European architectural quarter, the West Bank is a mix of Chinese and Malaysian architecture.

A boat cruise along the river will provide visitors with an unforgettable view of the sights. With the speed of the boat drifting slowly, visitors are like floating in a world different from the quiet river, the water in the air, cool air from the water radiates out the interesting places, promising to It brings an unforgettable experience.

Actually, a few decades ago, the river was an uncharged waterway to make tourist attractions. The shops, commercial areas or sightseeing sites around here are not well served. However, in recent years, the locality has invested in better infrastructure to preserve historic buildings and bridges along the river. In order to attract visitors, new buildings along the boat cruise along the Malacca River are painted in color covering the walls. The colors and images that replicate the history and cultural richness of the state of Melaka contributed to the attention of the visitors from all over the world.

On the romantic river, beautiful boats come from the Muara pier near the Quayside Heritage Center, then the boat will swim up to the Taman Rempah wharf to take visitors delight to admire the beautiful scenery of the two banks. . In about 1 hour, visitors will experience different feelings. Looking at the wharf, waterfront, river water scenery beautiful peace and a little poetic very special. On this route, when passing near the Maritime Museum you will easily recognize the famous Portuguese ship of Flor De la.

Isn’t so interesting? Boating along the Malacca River is a great river cruise trip.

The town hall, as well as most of the old architecture in Malacca, is painted in red. Previously, this building used to be the office of the Governor and Deputy Governor of the Netherlands, then used as a school to teach free English under British domination. Today, this is the Museum of History and Ethnology, where traditional costumes and artifacts have been preserved through many of Melaka's historical periods.

The Malacca Palace Museum is a replica of the palace under the reign of King Mansur Shah (1456 - 1477), rebuilt in 1984 to preserve the region's history. The palace has many paintings depicting the life at that time, such as the image of bureaucrats, merchants ... waiting outside the main hall to pay tribute and send messages to the king. The front of the palace was built with more than 1300 details of this architectural landmark.

The Dutch Square, also known as the Red Square, is a haven of Dutch architecture that is a must-see in Malacca. Here, visitors will be surprised as if it is in the middle of Europe, with rows of two or three storeys houses, painted in red or orange color, adding a green pane of windows or winding trees. Highlighted in it is The Stadthuys, built in 1650 as a residence for the Governor and Officer of the Netherlands, was considered the perfect model for the Dutch architecture of the time, the oldest Dutch architecture in the East.

Right next to the Red Square is Christ Church. The Christ Church, built in the 18th century after the Dutch occupied Malacca by the Portuguese, is one of the icons of the period. Initially, the church was white but in 1900 it was reddish like most other buildings. Some of the stone chapels inside the church are carved in many languages such as Dutch, English, Portuguese and Turkmen. Today, these beers provide an interesting view of the colonial era before.

This is where most of the visitors come to Malacca. One reason is quite simple: this is the ideal place for "selfie". There is a clock tower, a fountain, colorful little gardens and not far away there are windmills for those with "Don Quixote spirit".

From this location, you will find countless colorful cyclos which are ready to take you around the old town. Unlike the plain cyclo in Vietnam, the Malacca Cyclos are full of colors and decorations, from simple flowers to Hello Kitty, Doraemon cats or Frozen Snow Queen. Moreover, the drivers here are quite cute – they always show a nice smile when you raise the camera to capture them. In the car, the new updated songs are played. This is probably the most exciting sound in this relatively quiet city.
Nearby is the A'Famosa fortress, one of the few remaining European structures left in Asia, built in the early 1500s on a coastal hill to protect Melaka from The Muslim kingdom or perhaps from another European country.

Not long after it became a Dutch colony, the fortress was handed over to the British to prevent Melaka from falling into Napoleon's hands. Afraid that Malacca will be occupied, the British have destroyed the fort. Thanks to the persuasion of Singapore's founder Sir Raffles, a fortress gate has been retained to this day. Now, in the fading rain, in front of the gate, only left the guns, fighting vehicles ... stand alone as evidence of a turbulent historical moment in this peaceful country.

Climb up the tall green hill behind the fortress, gazing at the mesmerizing atmosphere of Malacca, the voice of the past as lingering in the glittering Malacca Bay on the far side of the Indian Ocean. At the top of the hill is the ruins of St. Paul 500 years old. Like most other traces in Malacca, only cold stone walls, old tombstones, and Saphia statues in the middle of the sky. There, there was a guy singing with a guitar in his hand, humming the old songs of the world.

Crossing the bridge over the Malacca River to the west is the neighborhood characteristic of the Mishra cultural intercourse of the Babylonian Nyonya community (the name refers to the crosses between Chinese immigrants and natives). With its architecture typical of the old quarter, we can not help but remember the ancient and peaceful beauty of Hoi An, the beautifully unique souvenir shops, traditional costumes, Sophisticated bags, or ancient wooden statues. Because of the old quarter, the road space is not wide, but the car can easily pass without jams.

Walking through the streets, you can see colorful Peranakan houses and shops. Enjoy dining at Peranakan Restaurant to enjoy good food and beautiful decor. Design of Peranakan is like a spice for the gastronomic experience here with many rare antiques such as traditional wedding palaces, delicate wood beds, walls attached with ancient coins ... so that visitors can feel the interesting cultural value in this place ...

In the afternoon light, nothing is better than sitting in a small coffee shop in the gentle Malacca, looking at the flowers blooming in the river bank, the lovers hand in hand walking, colorful cyclo, enjoying the aroma of a cup of coffee in a peaceful atmosphere… life seems to slow down…

Malacca not only bring tourists into the dream world by the beautiful man, but also attract visitors by the special dishes. In Malacca, the most famous is Hainan Chicken Rice, and the most famous is Famosa on Jonker Street.

Chicken is sold in 1/4, 1/2 or whole with soft meat, typical sauce. Chicken rice dish is quite good. Rice is mixed with chicken like balls, 0.3RM a ball. I have delicious wonton noodles too. After eating you can enjoy a herbal jelly, like the sweet soup in Vietnam, which is so delicious and cool, well served with honey.

Malacca snacks can include ice cream, sweet soup at 88 Jonker Street (usually close before 9pm). Jonker road is also famous with Hardrock cafe and OChado's milk tea shop, which are also pretty good. In addition, guests can also try some dishes such as turnip cake, dumplings, baked cake with durian, red beans ....

In Southeast Asia or Asia, it may not be easy to find a city like the ancient city of Malacca in Malaysia. In the traces here, there is a hidden element of modernity, in the traditional culture are interwoven culture brought from many situations, but bring a sense of harmony between the cultures.

Burmese Beauty and Travel Experience to Myanmar

If you are fascinated with lavish architecture, fairytale scenery of Europe, you will certainly also love Myanmar. Temporarily forget the familiar destinations in Thailand, Singapore to try to slow down and ignore the hustle and bustle when you buy a ticket to Myanmar. This country is such a land of mystery that anyone should take the time to visit and contemplate.

Remember that Myanmar is a Buddhist country, so you should pay close attention to your costumes and gestures. Do not touch, finger pointing to Buddha statues and absolute silence when going to temples.

Myanmar captivates you from the very first step by the mysterious Burmese temples in the early sunshine, the balloons flickering on the surface of a flourishing day that has passed and the good, kind heart of people.

Pagoda temples in Bagan is countless. Temples are everywhere ... Stand at the high temples overlooking the surroundings, temples seem to encapsulate almost all. More than 4,000 such towers spread all over Bagan beautiful beautiful visitors so fascinated, passionate to stay there that bike ride around without being tired. They come here from all over the world and they love Bagan so passionately, ecstatically like a lover. There is nothing more relaxing than relaxing on the quiet streets of Bagan in the late afternoon sun and climbing to the top of the temple to watch the sunset slowly lowered on the horizon.

Inwa is a small fishing village on the banks of the Ayeyarwady River. This ancient village is a popular destination with many valuable heritages, such as the 27m high Nanmyin inclined tower and Bagaya Kyaung Monastery, which is protected by 267 giant teak pillars ... In addition, local people still retain the traditional lifestyle from hundred years ago, which is also a unique attractions to visitors.

Mingun also has many monuments and scenic spots but most prominent is Mingun bell and Chinthe statue, which is considered by the people as treasures. Chinthe (mascot half-lion and half-dragon) is a giant statue standing guard over the river. The Mingun Stupa gives the other person a sense of overwhelm, an orange-yellow brick on a dramatic skyline.

Ubein bridge in the ancient village of Amarapura is the longest teak bridge in the world (1.2km). The 200-year-old wooden bridge across the river is home to the villagers of Amarapura Village, the pilgrimage path of monks wearing long robes. The sunset on the U Bein Bridge is brilliant and impressive. So that any visitors who have been admired will remember forever.

Myanmar tourism has not developed yet, but it doesn’t make visitors bored. On the contrary, despite the fact that their facilities are not as advanced as other countries, they have not learned about the high technology of welcome tourists. They welcome guests with their heart, the sincere smile, the help like helping a loved one.

A tour can take you through many of Burma's exotic destinations such as Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan, Goteik viaduct ... One of the simplest journey is to travel by bus from Yangon to Inle Lake. You will stay here for 3 days. Then, spend another three days to visit Bagan. For the remaining 3 days, he explored Mandalay. The total cost for the trip is nearly 700 USD, excluding shopping costs.

What's hot in China's happiest city?

Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province, is gradually attracting more visitors thanks to its comfortable environment, relaxed atmosphere, spicy food, panda, and was named as the happiest city in the country.

Situated on the east side of the Wuhu Memorial, Cam Ly Walking Street is a popular destination for experiencing local culture, cuisine and traditional architecture. The best time to visit is by nightfall, when the neighborhood shines through the lanterns hanging from the front door. Guests can stop at tea houses, bars or specialty shops and snacks along narrow streets.

The famous Longchaoshou Restaurant nearby serves a variety of Sichuan dishes, such as chutney, or fei chang fen (fried squash) - spicy noodles with beef heart. Kuanzhai Xiangzi is also a place to help visitors learn about local culture, crowded street cafes, craft shops and restaurants.

Chengdu's hot pot dishes received international attention in 2010, when Chengdu was included in the list of the most delicious cities of UNESCO. Hot pot is very spicy, but can be divided into 2 or 4 compartments of different levels of spicy taste.

The highlight can not be ignored in Chengdu is watching the panda. Visitors can observe them and other rare animals at the Chengdu Panda Breeding Research and Breeding Center. Located in the northeastern suburb of the city, this place simulates the panda's natural habitat by creating rivers, bamboo forests, caves and artificial rocks.

Tea shops are a popular destination in Chengdu for meetings, snacks and entertainment, notably Heming Tea House on the lake shore at People's Park. Guests can enjoy a cup of jasmine tea while chatting with friends, playing mahjong or relaxing after a long day.

Built in 1911, the People's Park was the first public park in Chengdu, dedicated to choirs, dance organizations or Tai chi. The picture is a dance for couples.

Bars, nightclubs and restaurants can be found along the banks of the scenic river in Lan Kwai Fong. Lan Kwai Fong is a popular destination for young people to enjoy the nightlife of Chengdu.

Daily traffic in Chengdu is quite bustling and flooded with electric vehicles. The Tianfu Square is one of the busiest areas in the city's business and business district. The New Century Global Center It is the largest flooring building in the world with numerous amenities such as ice skating rink, IMAX theater, shopping mall, water park and InterContinental.

Built from the Tang dynasty, the Wenshu monastery is the best preserved Buddhist temple in Chengdu. The monastery is still active and training monks. Besides, there are many historical and cultural relics that have been preserved throughout the centuries to worship the bodhisattva Manjutsu, the bodhisattva symbol of wisdom. There is a golden Buddha statue at the entrance.

A girl resting by a lake in a park near the Wuhou Memorial Temple. Chengdu has many teahouses, parks and activities, creating a fun and comfortable atmosphere for both tourists and locals.

Chengdu (red mark on the map) is the capital of Sichuan Province, located in southwestern China. Chengdu ranks in the top 10 happiest cities of China 2016, organized by Oriental Outlook magazine. 11 million people participated in this survey, voted on 50 criteria, divided into 16 categories such as income, environment, education, transportation ... This poll was conducted annually since 2007. Chengdu and Hangzhou often occupies the two best positions.

Top 4 Luxury Resorts in Can Tho

Mekong Riverside Boutique Resort & Spa, Tien Giang

Housed in Cai Be, Mekong Riverside Boutique Resort & Spa is undoubtedly an ideal destination for tourists to Tien Giang who engage in experiencing daily local life in the Mekong. Featuring 50 rooms and 25 bungalows, of which some are built right on the river, the resort enables travelers to enjoy the amazing view of Mekong Delta facing you.

Victoria Hotel, Sam Mountain, An Giang

Staying at Victoria Hotel, Sam Mountain, An Giang, you definitely wake up in the pristine nature and pick up fresh breezes on Sam Mountain. The hotel is characterized by the simple but luxury design and architecture.

The interior of each room is elegantly designed and decorated that features plaster ceiling, ceramic tile floor, wooden furniture, and the cozy red. Particularly, each room offers a door of French style leading to the separate open – air balcony of 12 square kilometers. Standing at the balcony, you can hold panoramic views of the airy space and poetic valley that the city can not afford.

More importantly, you have a chance to indulge yourself into the fresh water of the open swimming pool and enjoy vast rice fields at the foot of the mountain at the same time.

Victoria Resort, Can Tho

The 4 - star Victoria Resort, Can Tho is the first of its kind that meets international standards in Mekong Delta. Nestled on the banks of the Hau River, the resort embodies French colonial architecture, enabling tourists to feel as if they were wandering around an ancient castle hidden in the lush garden.

Stepping onto the resort, you would probably be overwhelmed by the impressive architecture and design. Particularly, each room is characterized by the harmonious combination of local significances and international - class conveniences, the traditional Vietnamese architecture and sophisticated aesthetic sense of the French. Therefore, Victoria Resort promises to bring about enjoyable experiences to tourists.

The entire interior of the room is made of wood featuring warm tone. Additionally, each room provides the impressive garden view that offers the peace and tranquility of the Western region. Airy space and fresh breezes from the river definitely make you comfortable when staying in Can Tho Victoria Resort.

Vinpearl Hotel, Can Tho 

Vinpearl Hotel is ideally housed in the heart of Can Tho City, near Ninh Kieu wharf. Noticeably, one side of the hotel is on 30/4 street and the other side runs along Can Tho river. Belonging to the 5-star hotel complex and Vincom Plaza, the largest shopping center in the Mekong Delta, Can Tho Vinpearl Hotel enables tourists to relax, go shopping and enjoy world-class comfort and convenience.

Vinpearl hotel is the tallest building in the city that offers 30 floors and 3 basements. Moreover, the hotel is characterized by the contemporary Asian architecture, of which all sea-view rooms are designed by international standards and provided luxury conveniences. Therefore, the hotel promises to satisfy the needs of full relaxation of tourists.

Vinpearl hotel offers various kinds of room such as Deluxe King bed City View, Deluxe King bed River View, Executive Suite, Presidential Suite, etc. Thus, you definitely choose the most suitable one for you based on your need and budget.

Additionally, travelers have a chance to go shopping at Vincom Xuan Khanh, engage in interesting films at the modern cinema, enjoying tasteful food at a chain of restaurants serving local specialties and famous dishes of the Western countries, relax at Vincharm Spa, etc.

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Erawan Waterfall - A Super Stunning Destination near Bangkok

Situated in Kanchanaburi Province, about 128km from the center of Bangkok, Erawan Waterfall, so - called Seven - Layer Waterfall promises to make you overwhelmed by the exhilarating scenery right you step foot in it.

Nestled in a vast valley, surrounded by hills and primeval forests, Kanchanaburi’s weather is cool and fresh throughout the year. There, it is undoubtedly an ideal destination for camping and relaxing activities.

Seizing the title of the most beautiful waterfall in the central region of Thailand, Erawan Waterfall captures the attention of visitors by water flows running down from hills of 2000 meters high and getting into Khwae Yai River. The waterfall is named after the mythical three-head white elephant of Hinduism that lived in Himavarna forest.

The breath-taking waterfall is located in the lush forest of Erawan National Park. So, to reach this amazing destination, visitors have to go through a winding trail featuring attractive scenes. Additionally, you might make a visit to Wang Badan, the large limestone cave which is characterized by colorful stalactites and stalagmites in the west of the park.

Kanchanaburi Province is about 128km from the capital of Bangkok. From the heart of Bangkok, tourists might take a bus, coach or taxi in 2 hours to get to Kanchanaburi.

Then, you catch a direct bus to Erawan National Park, which is 70 kilometers to the northwest of the province. Next, it might take you more 3 hours of going through the trail to reach the top of the waterfall and come back.

Although Erawan National Park is a popular tourist attraction in the world, it hasn’t been popular with Vietnamese tourists. However, it is considered as an ideal destination for those who love adventuring and exploring.