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On this journey to Hoi An, I don’t choose to stay at a hotel but a small one-storey house located at a fishing village, close to the Thu Bon river, where being flooded firstly in the rainy season, so every house has a loft to avoid storm.

Every morning, I wake up in the noise of the children calling each other to go to school, people hailing boats, sound of water flowing… when the sun rises above the confluence. No tourist comes here to visit except for some bikes of foreigners accidentally passing sometimes. After having breakfast made by myself, I sat at a small table next to the river, under the shade of coconut trees and typed – the job I do in many years.

There were days when I spend all day being a gardener - hoeing the garden in front of the house, making some flowerbeds and vegetable beds, but not for long, the mouse destroyed them. So I cycled to Tra Que village, growing some herb and vegetables to complete the dreams of gardening. Standing amid lush green colour of Tra Que vegetable beds, smelling the aroma of basil and mint which is extremely pleasant… it can make me feel so relaxing like the most effective spa therapy.

There were also the days I travelled along the Thu Bon River and stayed at the village of Thanh Ha until late in the evening because I was busy watching people making pottery, or did some pottery items by myself, waiting for the terracotta to be baked well then brought them back. I playfully made some distorted cups and bowls, brought them back home all and then put flower and tree in. The window is where I “exhibit” the “artworks”. When you buy flowers home is the time we are happy, whatever the flower is.

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There were days I cycled along the Thu Bon River and only stopped when legs were tired. There were days I was on the bike riding out to Danang and Hai Van Pass, and only came back when it got dark. I brought bikini to be ready to stop at any beach on the way out, ready to jump into beautiful blue sea outside. I also brought a book, lying on the beach, relaxing, reading, listening to the waves, listening to the wind blowing, watching the clouds and sky.

There were days I crossed the river to get to the small villages and islets, boating through the lush water coconut trees, instead of eating in the restaurant, I asked the local people for a meal with their family. The ordinary sincere people of Quang Nam are willing to open the door for you to give a cup of cool water, give you a bowl of rice, sit and chat about life on the bamboo bed near the front door with a bamboo fan on their hands. My vehicle was just a bicycle, I carried water, snack, pens, books, hat, bare arms, sports shoes, and wandered around all the little corners.

In this visit to Hoi An, I did not use internet and also did not meet any friend. I rode to the market like local women in the morning. I did not eat in restaurants but always in the market, in sidewalk stalls. Sometimes I just sat down chatting with local boat women during the whole morning, listening to their stories. It was so attractive to listen to their stories that I could not leave. They talked a lot with me but did not forget to invite tourists to enjoy a cruise along the river. They cheerfully invited and smiled at the guests no matter they agree to take to boat or not.

The owner of the cafe where I came every afternoon got accustomed to the visitor from afar, put the tea on the table and then quietly left. He only returned when the tea was cool to add more hot water. From strangers we became friends. His café is located at the end of the busy road, but always crowded than others, perhaps because of the guests like me, who looking for a little quiet after going through all the long way out there to discover.

Hoi An in me is just like that - simple, no lantern, no floating lights but brilliant and so warm.

Suggestions for a 3 Day Trip to Dien Bien Phu


Dien Bien Phu city is 474km from Hanoi and is about 35km from the border with Laos (via Tay Trang border gate). In term of transport, the city develops both road and aviation. With roads, visitors can start in places such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Thai Binh, Lao Cai. With air, you can see the information at the airline ticket agents.

Suggestions for a 3 Day Trip to Dien Bien Phu

By public transport

Travelers can buy tickets to Dien Bien at the bus station in Northern Vietnam. Remember to ask for the time of departure of the bus in both terminals as well as the places what the bus passes to have the plan to see the sights

From Hanoi, there are many buses to Dien Bien departing from Giap Bat, My Dinh and Nuoc Ngam bus stations.

By personal vehicles

The distance between Hanoi and Dien Bien is quite far; therefore, to ensure safety, you should go by car or public transport, the motorbike is not suggested. You can rent a motorbike taxi or motorbike to go around when you reach Dien Bien.

Things to do in Vietnam

The route from Hanoi - Dien Bien is as follows: driving along Highway 6 to Son La, crossing Pha Din Pass to Tuan Giao, then turning toward highway 279 to reach Dien Bien.

You must carry your driver’s license, motorbike registration certificate and obey the traffic rules when traveling by personal vehicle.

The best time to visit Dien Bien

Dien Bien is beautiful all year round, but if you want to visit the monuments, you should come to Dien Bien in the dry season, if you want to experience the beauty of the "green basin of Dien Bien", you are advised to come here in the rainy season. Particularly, on 7th May annually, there are many cultural activities to celebrate Dien Bien Phu victory performed by many ethnic groups here.

Hotel, Accommodation

The room rate at motels, hotels in Dien Bien is about 150,000- 500,000 VND/ night. Some suggested hotels include Union Hotel, Uy Ban (Committee) hotel; Lottery; Hanoi Dien Bien Phu…. hotels

Dien Bien Specialties

Purchase of gift items including dried buffalo meat, pork (dried by being hung over the kitchen), Tua Chua chicken, Mong Pe wine... The food includes dishes made from fish caught from Da River, Nam Rom River… Vegetable dishes depends on the season, the most common ones are bitter bamboo shoots, sweet bamboo shoots; vegetable grass, vegetables, and animal ... Grilled dishes are specially marinated, or there are boiled food, sour soup ... with characteristics taste. You can also try steamed sticky rice, bamboo- tube rice.

Places to visit

The most prominent site in Dien Bien in general and in Dien Bien Phu city in particular is the system of Dien Bien Phu victory historical monuments including: Dien Bien Phu - Muong Phang campaign headquarter; Him Lam, Ban Keo (Keo Village), Doc Lap (Independence) entrenched fortifications, A1, C1, D1, E1 Hills and the center of the French entrenched corporations (Ducat basement). Coming here, apart from the strong impression on the history of our nation, you can admire the majestic, unspoiled beauty of the city.

Besides, Dien Bien also "entertains" guests with a magical cave system in Pa Thom (Dien Bien), Tham Pua (Tuan Giao). The hot mineral springs of Hua Pe, U Va is suitable for resting and relaxing, or you can visit places with “mythical” beauty such as Pa Khoang , Pe Luong, Huoi Pha lakes.

In addition, visiting, exploring and experiencing the life of more than 20 ethnic groups in villages, or conquering Pha Din Pass of 32km long, one of the four greatest passes of Vietnam, are also favorite activities of backpackers.

Suggested 3 days itinerary to discover Dien Bien Phu

Day 1: Reaching Dien Bien in the morning, you can visit the commander tunnel, then have lunch. In the afternoon, you should visit A1 Hill, next, visit A1 cemetery to burn incense for the heroic martyrs and then go to the museum. After exploring the museum, you can look at Do Cat (a French General during the War in Vietnam) bunker then go to the Monument. After that, g to the hotel to perform the check- in the procedure. At night, you can wander the streets, or go out for coffee. Suggestions stalls are Cuong Huong, New, Lam Anh, Window cafes.

Day 2: After breakfast, you can go shopping at Dien Bien to buy specialties, visit Hoang Cong Chat temple and then visit Ten village to learn and exchange cultural activities and eat there. Next, you can return to the hotel to rest or go to drink some coffee.

Day 3: You can visit the remaining points in the morning, take a hot shower in Uva in the afternoon then have dinner. Finally, get in the car or plane to return to your city.

Grenada: A closer Look At History, Culture & Economy Of The Spice Island

Discovered in 1498 by Christopher Columbus, the Spice Island of Caribbean or Grenada has been a major tourist destination for years.

The lifestyle, culture and charm are absolute that even provoked frequent travellers to apply for permanent residency through the Grenada Citizenship by Investment programme.

Much like the island itself; the history, culture and economy of Grenada is worth looking at and important before moving into the country for a living. Check out the details below;


The early settlers as we know were English and French who were driven off by the Caribs who then ruled for more than a 150 years. French waged war against the Caribs and acquired a strong position with most of the natives either killed or committed suicide as a reaction against their defeat. Grenada fell into British ownership in 1783 under the Treaty of Versailles following the independence ceremony in 1974 by Great Britain.

Ruler or leader of the country was overthrown in 1979, giving rise to Maurice Bishop, the new Prime Minister who’s also known to establish the Marxist government. Close ties with many different communist states including Cuba were formed. A rebel group within the government exiled Bishop from his rule in 1983 and was killed with a majority of his followers.

Just a week later, U.S. troops in alliance with different Caribbean nations restrained the military council, imprisoned the leader and abolished Cuban military rule completely from Grenada. Ever since, the island country set a new standard in quality living and technology development thus modernising Grenada’s infrastructure right from the core.


Grenada is located in the southernmost corner of the Caribbean, most prominent for its fertile lands, rainforests and neat shrubbery unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s nicknamed as the “Spice Island of the Caribbean” or “Isle of Spice” due to one-third world’s supply of nutmeg, mace, cloves and many other spices. Besides the central island, Carriacou and Petit Martinique are its two dependencies along with many other smaller islets.

It’s the smallest independent nation in the entire Western Hemisphere with the main and other two islands encompassing a total area of 133 square miles approximately. The main island is an epitome of natural beauty boasting majestic waterfalls, crater lakes, some dozen rivers and streams as well as rainforests. It’s location as well as close ties with some of the most advanced nations fuelled development that improved overall standard of living.

This is another reason the Grenada Citizenship by Investment programme ranks among the best in the world that come with loads of additional benefits.

Language & Religion

While English is the official language, many Grenadians speak patois; a combination of French, English and African dialects. More or less 65 percent natives are Roman Catholic while the remaining percentage is a mix of Methodist, Anglican, Baptist and Seventh day Adventist. A fraction of the population is of Hindu while local traditions are a blend of Christian and African trends.


As you plan applying for the Grenada passport and citizenship by Investment; learn about the island’s history to mingle among the commoners without any cultural shock.

A Visit That You Will Treasure All Your Life

Do you think that Delhi is a place where you can carry out leisure walks? Of course, it is. Delhi has many spots which are perfect for walks. And otherwise too, you can enjoy walks in the streets of Delhi as well.

You can enjoy delightful New Delhi walking tours as per your convenience and budget. There are many places in Delhi which will win your heart. A single walk in diverse spots of Delhi can acquaint you with the rich history and splendid greatness of India.

A Walk to Cherish

Whether you are a religious person, traveling lover or gourmet, you can cherish your desirable walk in the heart of India. Delhi has everything for you if you have an idea about its richness.

The Plethora of Lodi Garden

-        Lodi Garden is an adored picnic spot and a delightful place for all those people who love to walk. This beautiful garden is situated near Khan Market. The garden is brimming with greenery and soothing sights. Lodi garden caters you natural sights and freshness.

-   If you are tired of concrete roads, jam-packed streets then a walk of this garden can fetch you tranquillity and a lot of enjoyment. You can find yourself in the lap of nature once you are in the realm of Lodi gardens. Just steal some time for yourself and pay a visit to this serene place. Moreover, here you can also relish creative architecture. So, a single walk can fetch you tranquillity, delight, a quick peep into historic values through architecture and much more.

A Walk through Mehrauli Archaeological Park

-    This place is a lovely area full of various historical monuments from variant eras. The baoli is undoubtedly the hugest fascination. There are also other amazing spots such as Jamali Kamali mosque, gandhak ki baoli and so on. You can experience this 16th-century magnificent step-well along with an epic flight of steps. You can also enjoy the phenomenal tombs of Quli Khan and Balban. It won’t be wrong to say that this archaeological park is a precious trove for all the history buffs.

-          It is not just going to acquaint you with the prodigious historic sights but also fill your mind and soul with freshness of nature. The beauty of the area is mesmerising. So, you can definitely make a plan with your friends, family members or colleagues to visit Mehrauli Archaeological Park.

Do you have a soft Corner for Religious Spots?

-     You can experience the richness of faith, belief and blessings amidst the crowded streets and noisy markets of capital. You can walk through Hindu and Jain temples, Sufi shrines, and Gurdwaras and Medieval mosques.

-        Every religious spot of Delhi has its own prestige. People from different corners of world visit these shrines to seek blessings. You can visit adored Hazrat Nizammudin Dargah, splendid Lotus Temple, Chhattarpur Temple, Kalkaji Mandir, Gurdwara Bangla Sahib and many other places.

Thus, whatever your taste maybe, you can experience excellent and thrilling spots with a New Delhi city tour. With a tour, you get expert guides who will acquaint you with the specialities of the place you are visiting. 

Hoi An - Once Being Here, You Don't Want to Go Home

Hoi An in the first autumn days is so stunningly fresh and tranquil in the cool weather that no tourist wants to leave.

Hoi An is a familiar destination for domestic and foreign tourists. Even tourists who visited Hoi An many times still want to come back. The ancient city was called Faifo by the French. It used to be a busy commercial port of merchants from Japan, China and the Western countries during the 17th – 18th centuries.

Fortunately, Hoi An was not affected heavily from the historical wars and avid the massive urbanization of the economy in the late 20th century. It is also a reason why Hoi An is so attractive to tourists.

There will be no exaggeration to say that Hoi An is beautiful in every season. In a dry day, you can get up really early to catch the first sunshine in the ancient town. In the rainy days, just leisurely enjoy the quiet atmosphere inside a tea shop with the fragrant Chinese incense.

The reason for people to be in love with Hoi An is not the hustle and bustle or luxury. What makes this an attractive place is the familiar, ancient and tranquil atmosphere which brings people peace in mind.

That's just a small alley, a wall covered with moss through the years, the old houses nestled under a bright pink bougainvillea flowers which shines gorgeously a street corner.

You'll never have to worry about what to buy as a gift for a friend if you are in Hoi An. It has everything for you to choose from food, clothes to the nice little souvenirs with reasonable prices.
Hoi An cuisine is also an attraction for tourists.

No one misses the chance to enjoy a bowl of Cao Lau ( Hoi An noodle soup) on the romantic waterfront of Hoai River. In addition, if wandering through the food court of the traditional market, visitors will not be able to resist the charm of rustic dishes, but no less delicious.

Hoi An is most beautiful at night when the streets immersing in the magical lights of hundreds of lanterns. Especially if you have the opportunity to visit Hoi An on the 14th day of every lunar month, you will see firsthand the Thu Bon River like a luminous ribbon with floating flower lights dropped down on the river by local people and tourists to wish for good luck.

Hoi An has both the stillness, quietness with ancient features of an old town and vibrant atmosphere of a former commercial port. Tourists can catch stunning landscapes everywhere in Vietnam but only in Hoi An, people can feel the sounds and colors with a full range of emotions.

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Top 4 Tourist Places near Hanoi

Quan Son Lake, Ba Vi, or Tam Dao, Da River are great destinations for both young visitors and groups of family to go holiday on weekend. These destinations are considered a perfect place to escape from the city’s dirt and noise.

Quan Son Lake

Quan Son Lake in Quan Son (My Duc district) is regarded as the most beautiful lake of year with blooming lotus flower season, located about 40km from Hanoi. The lake attracts tourists by its captivating scenery.

From Hanoi, you can travel by motorcycle or bus on the route of Ha Dong - Ba La - Van Dinh, and run along the dike forward to Quan Son Lake. The lake is about 850 hectare large, so it is very suitable for cruising and sightseeing. The ticket entrance to visit the lake is 0.66 USD/ person, 0.22 USD for parking, and the ticket to embark ferry is 6.19 USD for 4 people. 

Quan Son lake consists of many limestone mountains and small islands. Coming to the lake, tourists not only have chance to admire its wild and tranquil beauty, take some photos with beautiful lotus flowers, but also visit ancient temple of Linh Son at the foot of the same name mountain, and discover Linh Son cave where has numerous stunning stalactites.

Ba Vi National Park

Located in Son Tay town, Ba Vi National Park is considered an ideal place on the weekend of many Hanoi people. Besides, the park situates at an altitude of 1.100m high above the sea level, so it has cool climate all year-round and rich and diverse tropical and subtropical species of flora and fauna. Ba Vi has been planned to construct to become an interesting recreation. 

Ba Vi National Park is located about 70km from Hanoi with 1hr drive, tourists can travel by motorbike or bicycle to get there. The ticket entrance is 1.77 USD/ person and has a half discount ticket for students, and children. Ba Vi has a spacious campus with lagerstroemia tree rows lined on the sides. 

The villas were built in 1940s during the French Colonial era, which can certainly enchant any tourist in first sight. Here, tourists will be given a chance to watch walls covered full of moss and creepers. Besides, tourists can take a walk around the Thuong temple, Uncle Ho’s temple, pour church, and climb to the mountain to have whole scenery of Son Tay commune from above. 

Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc)

In recent years, Tam Dao is a familiar destination for travel lovers. Tourists can depart from Hanoi, approximately 2 hr - drive by motorbike or car to get there. However, the route to get to Tam Dao can be hard due to many stretches of zigzag roads, so you should be careful when traveling. 

Tam Dao has fresh air, mild weather and a bit chilly of the white fog, so it will give you the most comfortable feelings like you are in Sapa or Dalat.

In addition, Tam Dao also has many interesting sites offering new experiences for both young visitors and groups of family such as sky gate, the ancient church, the TV tower, and especially Hell temple – a notable landmark.

Walking around Da River (Hoa Binh)

Hoa Binh is a great place with many interesting things such as Ba Khan street, which is squeezed across the foot of Thung Khe pass or rolling Go Lao waterfall next to the gentle Da river. This area is preferred by nature to create captivating scenery. Hoa Binh is also the place you can connect your trip to Pu Luong Nature Reserve.

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If interested, don't miss the experience on the unique Yangon circular train in your trip, read about it here:

A Few Culinary Suggestions for an Afternoon Wandering in Da Lat

While exploring the "land of a thousand flowers" in the cool evening, remember to stop by and enjoy the streetfoods which always rejoice tourists everywhere.

Many dishes, though not originating from Dalat but are adjusted to suit the taste of a cool land. You can select for yourself a few restaurants to enjoy when visiting this area.

Baked Rice Paper

Baked rice paper is quite popular and favourited by many tourists when visiting Dalat.

In the chilly afternoon, sitting at a red flaming coal stove, looking at the lady owner bakingthe cake, adding a little oil, shrimp sauce, cheese, green and red peppers, extremely aromatic and eye-catching. The owner quickly addsan egg on the cakesurface, uses chopsticks to stir and then bakesuntil it becomes yellow-ripened. The cake then served with little fragrant fried onion, dried meat and chutney.

Baked rice paper is sold between 3pm tillevening in the Dalat market food court, Thong Thien Hoc street, Nguyen Van Troi, Hoang Dieu - Tran Nhat Duat, prices from VND 8.000-10.000 each (0.5$)

Can Cake

This dish was introduced to Dalat from other regions. Not too picky in procedure, also molded by rice flour, but the cake becomes very special and leaves a nice impression with diners with the fillings adjusted with many diverse tastes.

The most special making delicious taste of this dish is the sauce. The sauce in Da Lat is very well prepared in the style of local people, including fish sauce mixed with onion and a little bit of chili or satay.

The restaurants are not picky, just a couple of chairs and a hot coal stove. When guests come, the owner starts bake the cake on the stove, the fillings are often shrimp, pork, onion, bean sprout ... The cake is served when it is still hot, tender but a bit crunchy. Just dipthe cake in sweet-and-sour sauce, feel the fragrant and greasy taste of the onion, peppery-hot taste of the chilly in the cool air.

You can enjoy a cake on Tang Bat Ho or Phan Dinh Phung Street at VND 20,000 a large disk.

Baked Rolls

In cool weather, othing interesting than eating baked rolls dipped in hot sesame sauce and fried rice paper. 

To make tasty baked rolls, meat should be chosen from fresh pigs, pureed with garlic, sugar, seasoning salt and especially high quality sauce, roll it around bamboo sticks for baking. Baked rolls are served with assorted vegetables, pickles and special sauces.

You can enjoy this popular dish in Mrs. Hung restaurant on Phan Dinh Phung street. There're also a number of very good eateries on Bui Thi Xuan, Tran Quy Cap or Chi Lang, with the price of VND 30,000 (1.5$)

Wet Cake with Chicken Bowels

The dish you can not ignore is wet cake with chicken bowels, which is exotic that many tourists come here all want to enjoy.

People do not eat the wet cake with traditional spring rolls as other places but in Dalat it’s served with chicken meat, bowels and special sauce. You will feel the wet and soft of the cake as well as sweetness of the chicken.

You can enjoy this dish on Tang Bat Ho Street, near Dalat market. The restaurant is always crowded with diner, from 14h - 18h, it costs about VND 20,000 per bowl. You can also eat the dish at the restaurants in the Truong Cong Dinh alley,Thog Thien Hoc and Bui Thi Xuan street.

Bread with Meatballs

True to its name, minced pork bread is a simple little bowlwith clear broth, a little oily film and a few eye-catching green onions.

When eating bread and minced pork, people often add a little satay for the pork more spicy, reddish and more attractive. Sometimes, a little bean sprout, coriander or fried crunchycrackling can besoaked into the hot sauce and then it will be very fragrant.

Breaking a small piece of bread, dipped into the broth, wait until it brews with broth and then slowly enjoy its taste in the mouth. Your first feeling would be a gentle, aromatic fatty taste of the meat, which is well marinated thoroughly without cloyingness. No need to eat fastly, but you should enjoy it when it’s still hot to feel the taste of the dishes in style. Mild aroma of onions and crisp crackling makes the Dalat’s morning air more wholesome in your eyes.

Getting to Dalat, it’s not difficult to find places to enjoy this dish. In addition to some stalls at the market gate or school, you can go to the Anh Sang village or T-junction of Tran Nhat Duat - Hoang Dieu Street to enjoy the taste of the dishes in style at the price of VND 15,000 (1$)

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam

If beautiful beaches in Vietnam are what you are looking for then you can be sure this country delivers. From luxurious accommodations to off-beaten destinations, we got it covered in this list of top beautiful beaches in Vietnam.

10.Da Nang

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam

Aside from being a very important military base town and a central fighting area during the Vietnam War, Da Nang has also been known as a beautiful beach area among the locals. Da Nang, made perfect with white sands, pine trees, coconut palms and waves for surfing, is also home to one of the luxurious resorts in Vietnam offering all-inclusive experiences.

9.Phu Quoc

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam

Those looking for off beaten paths in Vietnam can find heaven in this island that offers white sands, dirt roads, quiet shores and lots of undiscovered beaches. More adventurous tourists can also rent a motorcycle and head out for Bai Sao on the other side of the island.

8.Ho Coc

This is the best place to experience Vietnam beach like a local. The golden sand and crystal clear waters are the main reasons why the place is so tempting and it doesn’t get too busy, even on weekdays, so you can have most of the beach all to yourself.

7.Hon Tam

Hon Tam Beach first started its development in 2007. Even with the luxurious amenities being aimed for, the place is still among the best destinations to be one with nature, offering not just the sea but also mountains and forests full of trees. You certainly won’t run out of things to do in this green island.

6.Long Hai

If a local seaside retreat is what you are after, head on to Long Hai. Its white sand beaches are totally peaceful during the weeks but try to avoid it during the weekends when it becomes jam-packed with tourists.

5.Lang Co

Aside from the 15 kilometer stretch of white beach, there isn’t so much to see in Lang Co. However, you can experience living like a local here by visiting the market in the middle of the village or exploring the springs and national park in the nearby areas.

4.Mui Ne

Mui Ne may not be as bustling as Nha Trang but the former certainly offers a little bit of everything that the latter has! Tourists will be delighted in the fact that Mui Ne is the Vietnam’s go-to place for water sports so you can enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, kite boarding, wind surfing and other exciting water activities.

3.Con Dao

This group of around 15 islands and islets has much to offer: beautiful beaches, stunning reefs and corals, luscious forests and much more. Eighty percent of the area is also a part of the Con Dao National Park and you might just get to enjoy observing sea turtles and dugongs in their natural habitat.

2.Cua Dai

Cua Dai is still undergoing a lot of developments and may not be the best destination for foreign tourists, however. if you try to follow through the paddy fields and riverbank, you just might find undisturbed areas within the 5kilometer stretch.

1.Nha Trang

Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Vietnam

Featuring a six-kilometer stretch of sand that joins the sea to the city, Nha Trang is considered as a premier beach destination full of accommodations, restaurants. and nightlife. Ideal place to of travel in holiday in Vietnam.

7 most unique spring festivals in Vietnam

The unique cultural identity is a reason making Vietnam become one of the most attractive destinations in the world. From North to South, festivals – an inevitable part of a rich culture are usually organized as a way to keep and foster traditional values of the country. Let’s have a look at 7 spring festivals in Vietnam below to have an insight into the culture of this nation.

1. Huong Pagoda Festival (Hanoi City)

Beginning on 6th January and ending in March (lunar calendar), Huong Pagoda Festival in Hanoi is the longest festival with the number of participants up to over 1.5 people in some years.
7 most unique spring festivals in Vietnam
The pilgrimage journey on Yen River in Huong Pagoda Festival
Not only being a large-scale pilgrimage, this festival but also is really a highlight of Hanoi tourism with a lot of unique cultural activities. Taking part in Huong Pagoda Festival, visitors will immerse in the space of the poetic Yen Stream, the majestic Huong Tich Caves….

2. Tran Temple Festival (Nam Dinh Province)

Taking place in Tran Temple (Nam Dinh Province), it is one of the biggest spring festivals in Vietnam. Normally, it is held from 11th to 16th January (lunar calendar) to celebrate Tran Dynasty – the famous dynasty in Vietnam history with glorious victories in resistance against invaders.
7 most unique spring festivals in Vietnam
Thousands of people are waiting the seal opening ceremony in Tran Temple Festival
The seal opening ceremony – the soul of the festival, is often organized on the 14th night of the lunar January. Besides, there are some traditional activities like lion or dragon dance, folk music performances, human chess contest, wrestling, martial arts demonstrations… to serve travelers.

3. Vieng Market Festival (Nam Dinh Province)

Vieng Market takes place at midnight of 7th January (lunar calendar), but tourists from all places often gather here right from that afternoon. They come here to join Phu Giay Festival which worships Lieu Hanh Goddess – one of immortal gods of Vietnam.
7 most unique spring festivals in Vietnam
Buying some beef in Vieng Market Festival is considered to bring people luck
This festival is organized only one time in a year. People believe that if you can buy some beef or trees in this market, you will be lucky all year round.

4. Lim Festival (Bac Ninh Province)

Originated from a famous legend, Lim Festival is one of the most important spring festivals in Vietnam. This is a big festival of Bac Ninh Province with many activities related to culture, art and spirituality.
7 most unique spring festivals in Vietnam
Folk music contest - a popular activity in Lim Festival
Especially, during the festival, there are numerous folk music, rice-cooking, wrestling, chess… contests. They are not only forms of entertainment but also good ways to maintain the cultural identity of “the land of folk music”. The time when Lim Festival starts is between 12th and 14th January (lunar calendar).

5. Yen Tu Festival (Quang Ninh Province)

This festival is held in Yen Tu - the historical site and famous landscape in Vietnam from 10th January to March (lunar calendar). Mt Yen Tu with the height of over 1000m is regarded the ancestral land of Buddhism in this nation.
7 most unique spring festivals in Vietnam
Dong Pagoda on Mt Yen Tu is crowded with people during the festival
To reach Dong Pagoda – a sacred temple on the peak of Yen Tu, visitors can choose to climb to the mountain or travel by the cable car system.

6. Ba Den Mountain Festival (Tay Ninh Province)

Starting on 4th January (lunar calendar), Ba Den Mountain Festival is one of the biggest spring festivals in northern Vietnam.

7 most unique spring festivals in Vietnam
Linh Son Tien Thach Temple - the place Ba Den Mountain Festival is held
In addition to religious activities, tourists can also participate in film screening programs, art performances, sport competitions and traditional games…

7. Dong Da Mound Festival (Hanoi city)

Dong Da Mound is a well-known historical site where Quang Trung King led Vietnam people to defeat foreign invaders. Therefore, this festival is organized to memorize contributions of this great king – the hero in the national history.

7 most unique spring festivals in Vietnam
Dong Da Festival with unique activities
Coming to this festival, tourists will have the opportunities to admire unique performances to replay historic battle under the reign of Quang Trung King.

So if you travel to Vietnam in the spring, don’t forget to join these outstanding festivals. Enjoy them!

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Manali - An adventurous, Spiritual and Refreshing Getaway

Situated on the banks of river Beas, Manali is a captivating tourist spot in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. An immaculate getaway in case you're searching for a tranquil holiday far from the commotion of the city, Manali is encompassed with a green cover of deodar and coniferous trees. For an unwinding outing, here are some of the best tourist spots in the hill station of Manali that you need to visit. If you’re coming from the major tourist layover cities in the north, you can easily find affordable a Delhi or Chandigarh to Manali taxi to reach the destination.

Rohtang Pass - The famous road leading to the higher levels of Himalayas is perhaps visited by every motorist going to Leh. Located about 3500 meters above the sea level, Rohtang Pass lies on the eastern side of the Pir Panjal range. Starting from the banks of Beas river, this pass runs through the curvy valleys of Manali and enters the higher reaches of Himalayas. You can enjoy the view of the entire valley of Manali from this high point and often few paragliders soaring high in the sky. If you're planning a trek in the valleys of Kullu-Manali, Rohtang Pass is a fantastic place to visit. If you’re coming from the major tourist layover cities in the north, you can easily find affordable a Delhi or Chandigarh to Manali taxi to reach the destination.

Hidimba Devi Temple - Constructed on a small hillock, Hadimba Devi temple is a well-known attraction in the city. Located few minutes off the road from the main mall road, this sixteenth-century temple is enveloped by a thick front of deodar trees. The temple is dedicated to Hidimba Devi, who as indicated by fables was the wife of Bhima, one of the Pandavas in the epic Mahabharata. The temple structure is built in a customary way with Indian and Buddhist compositional styles, with only wood being used in its construction. Insides the temple complex you can find a small temple dedicated to Ghatotkacha, offspring of Bhima and Hidimba.

Solang Valley - Also known as the 'Snow Point', the Solang Valley is renowned for its encouraging different winter adventure sports like zorbing, paragliding, skiing, horse riding, mountain biking etc..The valley is perched at a height of more than 2,500 meters and is a standout amongst the most cherished trekking hotspots in the area. Once at the highest point of the hillock, you'll get an incredible view of the greenery spread on the valleys, with hotels, shops and vehicles on the street looking like toys.

Nehru Kund - One of the best places to visit around Manali, Nehru Kund is a water spring arising from the Brighu River, Nehru Kund is around 5 km from the main commercial point of the town on the national highway going towards Leh. The spot is named after the first Prime Minister of India, Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, who wished to taste the water of the spring on his visit to Manali. The territory surrounding the Nehru Kund is serene and a fantastic excursion spot for travelers.

Sultanpur Palace - Formerly known as the Rupi Palace, this delightful imperial legacy was halfway devastated when a solid seismic wave hit the district. Today, the remnants of the stronghold showcase phenomenal showcase of Victorian and Pahari architecture design styles. This regal habitation was the also the place where once the past Rulers of the Kullu valley dwelled.